We’re different because you’re unique.

Optimised's yoga team are a passionate, dedicated, friendly and focused team of professionals that care deeply about our clients success and results. Because all of our classes are small (6-8 people), our teachers can give you the personal attention you need, in an atmosphere that is friendly but focused.

Our yoga classes and meditation courses are designed for everyday people who lead real lives and are simply looking for a space where they can do something good for themselves without the usual trappings of the yoga and meditation crowd.

Yoga & Wellness Studio Team

Lauren Currie
Iyengar yoga
Small group classes

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Lauren's classes will leave you feeling calm but energised, she is an outstanding Iyengar teacher passionate about the positive influence yoga can have on your life.

If you're stiff you'll gain flexibility and if you're flexible you'll gain strength - precision and depth characteristic of this method will bring you balance - body and mind, no matter where you're starting from.

In our small group Iyengar classes, you can expect plenty of personal, hands on input to help you progress. And we're excited to offer one of the most well-equipped (as well as the most bespoke) Iyengar yoga classes in Manchester - including yoga ropes!

Julia Evans
Hatha yoga
Small group classes / 1:1 / 1:2

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Julia is a highly experienced Hatha yoga teacher who embodies the Optimised vision for what yoga should be - highly personalised, applicable to everyone no matter your starting point.

As Julia says: "you don't have be to flexible, strong, or vegetarian, yoga is about the mind, body and breath, and finding inner peace". In our often frantic modern world, we could't agree more. Julia's classes are a fantastic place to do something great for your body, to exhale and pause, to decompress.

Julia is passionate about helping you to get started on a path towards a more flexible body and a calmer mind, and we're excited to have her on the team!

Katrina Page
Hatha yoga
Small group classes / 1:1 / 1:2

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Katrina has a fab, outgoing personality and is a Hatha yoga teacher who prides herself in giving detailed attention to each individual, with plenty of personal input to help people adjust their posture and get the best out of themselves.

She loves that our classes have a maximum number of attendees as it gives her the perfect environment in which to apply her skills and give her best to the folks taking valuable time out of their day to do something good for themselves.

Katrina says: "I think it is a brilliant idea that the classes are small and have a maximum number as this means everyone client feels the full benefit of the class."

Danny Solomon
Yin yoga
1:1 / 1:2

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Danny is one of the most sought after yoga teachers in Manchester and for good reason: experienced, trusted, and professional while bringing to bear his expertise and personality in each and every class he teaches.

Danny teaches Yin yoga - a form of yoga where positions are held for an extended period of time, reaching deep tissue while providing an opportunity to step back from life and quieten the mind.

Right now Danny is giving his all to private 1:1 and 1:2 classes, but will be doing his thing in our very small group classes soon - stay tuned!

Mick Timpson
Small group courses

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Mick is an award winning architect, artist, and modern meditation teacher.

Mick’s work as an architect has moved from shaping our external world, to helping people rediscover and shape their inner world.

Mick is the founder and CEO of an amazing enterprise called beanddotm, which brings modern meditation practices to business professionals.

Through modern meditation, Mick teaches that we can each become our own ‘happiness architect’, redesigning ourselves for increased happiness, creativity, productivity, and lasting wellbeing.

To your healthy, optimised future,

Matt, Dee & the Optimised studio team