Welcome to Optimised yoga in Manchester city centre

Yoga at Optimised is done our way - with no fluff, small class sizes, lots of individual attention, and complete focus on you.

All of our yoga classes are designed for beginners who have little or no prior experience of yoga. If you sit behind a desk all day, don't know your Hatha from your Iyengar, and don't own half the bright coloured lycra in the known universe, you're in the right place.

  • easy for all comers to engage with no matter your level of experience or flexibility
  • promote optimal physical wellness; flexibility, balance, and strength
  • reduce stress and deeply relax
  • gain a renewed sense of peace in a busy world and reduce anxiety
  • reduce blood pressure
  • no incense or chanting; accessible and friendly classes

To help you choose the right starting point, here's a quick guide to the different styles of yoga we practice at Optimised:

Iyengar yoga

2017-07-26 19.11.29-400pxIyengar yoga is perfect for those who want to develop overall physical and mental wellbeing, and is perfect both for gym goers and office workers. If you have an injury or chronic condition, you'll find that Iyengar yoga is especially suitable for you.

Iyengar is great for beginners as this style focuses on proper alignment, and you'll find a wide range of props, such as bolsters, ropes, blankets, belts, and blocks are used in our Iyengar classes. These allow for a highly personalised experience that addresses your specific needs whether you're completely new to yoga, stiff and tight, injured, or all three!

Iyengar yoga is physically and mentally challenging, you'll work on holding poses for a longer period of time to build strength, stamina, and flexibility in the body, rather than a fast flow cardiovascular workout style class.

Hatha yoga

2017-07-26 13.30.34-400Hatha yoga is a gentle but challenging mat based style of yoga that focuses on sitting and standing postures as well as breathing techniques. We love it because the pace is slower compared to more intense yoga styles - you won't often work up a real sweat - but you will leave a Hatha class feeling looser, more balanced, and relaxed.

Our Hatha classes offer a great opportunity to release tension, get loose, and prepare for the day ahead, or unwind after a busy day of work.

This makes Hatha yoga perfect for beginners who want to combine physical wellbeing with mental relaxation and stress reduction.

Yin yoga

Yin yoga is slow, simple, quiet, relaxing and challenging. The focus is on mat based seated or lying positions that are held for anywhere between 2 and 20 minutes. Props such as blocks, bolsters and blankets are used to provide a highly tailored experience where you can generate just the right amount of tension in your muscles, tendons, ligaments, and joints.

Yin yoga is a meditative and deeply relaxing form of yoga that is suitable for everyone. As positions are passive and you're often supported with props, no effort or exertion is required in maintaining a pose. That's not to say that Yin yoga is easy or comfortable mind you - the stretch is wonderfully deep and your comfort zone, never mind your body, might be stretched!

If your main aim is profound mental and physical rejuvenation and revitalisation with a meditative edge that calms the mind in a busy world of constant emails and texts, Yin yoga is for you.

If you want to improve your life with our small group, high quality yoga classes, feel free to contact us for further details or to book your session:

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