We’re different because you’re unique.

We live in an age of chronic ill-health, poor energy levels, sub-optimal professional performance, unhappiness with our bodies, and a lack of balance in our personal lives.

Things can and should be different.

How do you feel right now? How did you wake up feeling this morning? How are your energy levels? How did you sleep last night? Are you happy with your professional performance, with your body? Could you look, feel, and perform better and if you could, what would it mean to you?

How did you wake up feeling this morning? Did you bounce out of bed ready to take on the world? Or drag your self out of bed hoping to make it through the day? Did you look in the mirror and admire your toned, shapely body, or sigh at yet another day carrying around some extra baggage? Do you marvel at your energy and strength, or suffer from low energy, mood, or a specific health condition?

What are your challenges and what do they mean to you?

DeeAt Optimised, we help people just like you to maximise your unique potential. The people we work with want to look, feel, and perform better, increasing both the quality and quantity of their lives. We achieve life changing results through nutrition, movement and lifestyle medicine.

Optimised are different because you’re unique. No two people we’ve ever come across have been the same, with the same challenges, genetics, or lifestyle.

Through personalised solutions, we act as a catalyst for success, helping people to live better lives through our expert team of doctors, nutritional therapists, soft tissue therapists, life coaches, psychotherapists, and personal trainers, all under one roof within our 3000 square foot integrated facility in the heart of Manchester city centre. We can help you as a unique individual with unique circumstances and challenges.

In particular, we exist to change the game for busy professionals in Manchester, helping them to look, feel and perform better and to live higher quality lives through innovative, cutting edge solutions.

So far we have helped hundreds of people to increase the quality and quantity of their lives, taking back their health, their body, and their lives.

This means that we are able to treat you as an individual, with unique health challenges, unique biochemistry, postural issues, and needs. Our integrated team of professionals is on hand at all times to help you to be successful in overcoming sometimes complex chronic health conditions, muscular and joint issues, as well as meeting body composition and fitness goals.

Whichever of our personal trainers or practitioners you work with, we’re here to deliver realistic short term results and long term sustainability, rather than short term quick fixes that don’t last.

If you’re ready to become a more optimised version of your current self, you’re in the right place.

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Matt, Dee & the Optimised team