Why is testing important?

Testing is important for so many reasons:

  • In chronic, and often complex, conditions, functional testing results can help to pinpoint exactly what and where the imbalances are, so that your practitioner can help you to turn your health around and get you back to optimal health. More information is quite literally more power to help facilitate health improvements. The results can also be very encouraging as they can help explain why you’re feeling the way you are. Many people who get functional testing gain valuable insights into their health concern even though they have previously been told that there is nothing wrong with them, and that all their results are ‘normal’.
  • Functional test results take the guess work out of the equation. We get to the underlying imbalances behind health problems more quickly, and ultimately the results you’re seeking, are achieved more quickly
  • The right testing provides information around ‘early signals’ for chronic health concerns, so that a preventative approach can be applied to help reduce future risk of chronic disease
  • Test results can be used to optimise health and fitness by supporting levels of nutrients, and the functioning of body systems and pathways, so that everything is functioning as best as it can be. We often don’t realise how good we could be feeling or performing when we feel as though we’re doing fine anyway
  • The right testing allows your practitioner to help you in a very precise way. This helps address individual health concerns and imbalances
  • Testing, and re-testing, enables both client and practitioner to track progress and adjust the protocol where necessary