What should I expect at follow-up appointments?

In order to provide ongoing support, monitor progress, move your protocol forwards, and ensure the recommendations are still relevant as your health status changes, it is expected that follow-up appointments are scheduled every 2 to 4 weeks.

Frequency can vary depending on your condition and how much support you require. It is expected that follow-up appointments become less frequent as improvements are noted and fewer amendments are required to your protocol.

The follow-up appointments will last either around 30 minutes, or around 1 hour where the Personal Health Plan will be reviewed and adapted in light of how you are feeling and any new information.

This ensures we continue to work towards your goals in the most effective way. Regular consultations also allow us to shift the focus from one aspect of your health to another as you progress, as well as assessing what is or isn’t working for you.

Often there is significant amount of ‘ground work’ that needs to be performed before directly influencing the area of health that is of concern.

For example, to address hormonal imbalances we may feel it is relevant to first ensure your digestive system is working optimally, and there is a healthy balance of bacteria in the gut, before trying to reduce or raise particular hormone levels. This approach is due to the inter-related connections (systems biology) between body systems and pathways.