What should I expect at the initial appointment?

The initial consultation will usually last up to 1.5 hours (90 minutes). After talking through our thoughts from your completed pre-consult forms and previous test results (if relevant), we will then talk through some further questions together so we can understand more deeply how your body systems are functioning, how you are feeling, what factors may have triggered your health concerns or are associated with your symptoms, and your health goals.

We are very much here to listen through this part of your consultation.

Recommendations will be made for how to move forwards and begin to address your health concerns.  Your practitioner will work closely with you to create your bespoke Personal Health Plan.

If you suffer from any chronic conditions, then we may utilise a very simple yet highly effective tool, called the Functional Medicine Timeline. This is a timeline of key events, symptoms, environmental / lifestyle changes and so on, from birth to the present, and is used to identify what factors in your life have potentially contributed to the illness or condition you are currently experiencing.

A Personal Health Plan will be made available through the Optimised online system within 5 working days after the initial consultation or within 2 working days after follow-up appointments (if not otherwise stated at the appointment).

Your Personal Health Plan will include our recommendations around what foods and drinks to include or increase and which to reduce or avoid, often providing meal ideas, recipes and practical tips for moving towards a healthier lifestyle.

We may make recommendations for functional testing if felt necessary. This allows us to pinpoint what’s happening and better understand underlying imbalances, assess your progress, and improve health outcomes.

We may also refer you to your GP / Consultant for additional testing (alternatively this can be performed privately) or for review / follow-up of symptoms where medical expertise is required.  We will also recommend that you see other healthcare professionals as required.  With your consent we will endeavour to work with your Doctor (where relevant).

If there is anything in your Personalised Health Plan that you are unsure about or you are struggling with, please contact us as soon as possible so we can help you to address the issue in the most convenient way for you.  We are happy to answer any brief questions that concern the recommendations made, for example clarification of a recommendation. For any other questions that require more consideration from your practitioner or further research time, then we kindly request these are addressed at the next appointment.