What is required before the first appointment?

Upon booking your appointment, you will receive an email confirming your appointment date and time, together with access details for the Optimised online system, where you’ll be able to complete our health intake questionnaires, 7 day food diary, and terms and conditions.

Once completed, all of the information will be saved to our secure, fully GDPR compliant system, where your practitioner will be able to access and review the information you provide, and prepare ahead of your consultation.

Please allow at least one hour to fill the forms in, this information is critical to our understanding of your situation and we therefore request the questions are please completed carefully and as accurately as possible.

You will need to complete these forms at least 2 working days prior to your appointment. Please note that if your forms are not returned 2 working days prior to the start time of your appointment, we reserved the right to cancel your appointment and reschedule it.

Completing your forms on time provides your practitioner with an opportunity to properly prepare for your initial appointment so that the appointment time is used efficiently and to your best benefit.

The forms include a review of your body systems, medical history, family health history, current medications and supplements, current nutrition and lifestyle habits, previous medical testing and results (if applicable).