Are there any additional costs?

  • In addition to the test fee, there may be a postage / courier fee to pay when you return the samples directly to the laboratory. Some labs provide a pre-paid shipping envelope.
  • A Test Interpretation & Personal Report appointment also needs to be arranged where your test results will be discussed with you and a copy of the results provided. Please see the main functional testing page, and the test you are purchasing, for pricing information for this appointment (you’ll need a longer Test Interpretation & Personal Report appointment for more complex test results or where you have more than one set of test results to go through.
  • Some tests may require a blood sample – a phlebotomy appointment will usually cost around £30-40. We offer phlebotomy (blood draw) appointments at Optimised Personal Wellness, Manchester UK. Please wait for your test kit to arrive in the post before booking your blood draw appointment online. Please check the test instructions carefully, if your blood sample requires centrifuging (also referred to as ‘spinning’) then you’ll need to book a Blood Draw + Centrifuging appointment.