Are your services covered by my private health insurance scheme?

Some private health cash plans e.g. through your employer or individual private scheme, may recognise and provide reimbursement for our services. It is definitely worth phoning your provider and asking.

The same provider may have different schemes (cash plans) that vary in terms of what services they cover and to what value, so you would need to check what your scheme covers.

The key questions to ask are;

  • Does your plan cover CNHC registered practitioners? Specifically, CNHC registered Nutritional Therapy?
  • If yes, then to what value?
  • If yes, do they require your GP to have made a referral to a CNHC registered Nutritional Therapist?

We are aware that the following private health cash plan providers cover CNHC registered Nutritional Therapists (but there may be others) as of April 2018;

  • Westfield Health
  • Elect
  • Health Shield