What’s the approach taken by Optimised’s Functional Medicine Nutritional Therapists?

Our team combines the principles of Functional Medicine with Nutritional Therapy. This enables us to provide a detailed analysis of an individual’s health status and discover underlying imbalances. We do this by listening carefully to our client’s journey thus far, understanding how symptoms manifest, and interpreting both conventional and functional laboratory test results.

Our evidence based approach addresses root cause ‘systems biology’ imbalances in the body.

We restore optimal function to these root cause systems by through foods, lifestyle and supplements. Functional Medicine Nutritional Therapy considers food and lifestyle as fundamental components of health, which have the capability to transform dysfunctional body systems into optimally functioning systems, thereby reducing or eliminating the symptoms of ill-health and disease.

Our practitioners investigate deeply into each client’s case to understand the unique imbalances and circumstances that have led to their current health status – this is our starting point and from here we can begin to address imbalances through a natural, effective, evidence based approach.

While we have a proven track record of helping to remediate or resolve often very complex health issues that have not been helped by conventional medical approaches, it is important to note that the Functional Medicine Nutritional Therapy team at Optimised are not medically qualified.

It is therefore outside of our professional scope to medically diagnose or treat conditions.  We will liaise with, or refer you to, medical healthcare professionals, or other complementary healthcare practitioners as required, so that you receive the most appropriate solution to your health concern.