How do you work internally?

Optimised Personal Wellness is an integrated health clinic and practitioners may wish to discuss your case internally to ensure best health outcomes for you. The Functional Medicine Nutritional Therapy team hold regular clinical round table meetings to discuss cases and draw on each other’s experience and insights where relevant.

Optimised Functional Medicine Nutritional Therapists are dedicated to continuous professional development (CPD). The fields of Functional Medicine and Nutritional Therapy are constantly evolving, and we continue to learn more about factors that influence health and what interventions are proving to be successful.

Our practitioners not only meet, but vastly exceed, the minimum required CPD as set by professional bodies, BANT (British Association of Nutrition and Applied Nutritional Therapy) and CNHC (Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council, set up with support from the Department of Health).

By working closely as a team, we can ensure that we are delivering the best service to our clients.  All of our practitioners are bound by confidentiality.

All information provided is confidential and all records held by Optimised Personal Wellness are maintained in line with Data Protection Act 2018 for a minimum of 7 years.


Our promise to you

Sometimes health can be challenging, with many potential underlying imbalances or the absence of ‘the one’ clear reason why health has deteriorated. We are persistent in our approach and committed to helping you feel better. We are happy and willing to research further so that we can help you navigate your way back to optimal health.

If we feel the best thing for you is to work with a different type (modality) of practitioner, then we will be open and honest with you and suggest a referral to someone we hold in high regard.