I don’t have a diagnosed medical condition, can you still help?

Absolutely. You may have symptoms that are bothering you, yet there is no conventional medical diagnosis (either because Doctors haven’t been able to reach a diagnosis for your symptoms, or because symptoms are sub-clinical (not yet severe enough to warrant a diagnosis).

At Optimised we will work with you to understand what potential imbalances have led to the development of your symptoms and address the underlying causes so that symptoms can be improved.

We also work with people who are feeling fine but have been informed of an abnormal test result e.g. through a standard medical screen, or you have a family history of a disease for example rheumatoid arthritis, heart disease or cancer, and want to optimise your health to reduce the risk of developing a condition in the future.

Or perhaps you want to be as healthy as possible for fertility reasons, or simply want to perform an in-depth health MOT.

We can help in these situations and Functional Medicine Nutritional Therapy is often extremely powerful in preventative medicine and health optimisation.