If I work with you, does that mean I don’t have to see my doctor?

No.  We are ‘complementary’ health practitioners which means we complement conventional medicine. We are not ‘alternative’ health practitioners and we do not provide an alternative to conventional medicine – we offer an integrated approach.

Although we have a proven record of achieving results, even in complex chronic health situations, we are not medically qualified. This means we sometimes require input from a medical professional.

If you are symptomatic, then you must be willing to see your doctor and seek medical advice.  We can liaise with your Doctor on your behalf, with your permission, for example writing to your Doctor to update them on your progress, any new symptoms we become aware of, or to request further testing or their medical opinion (all associated costs are included in your consultation fees).

It is our preference, with your permission, that we keep the channel of communication open between ourselves and your medical Doctor, so that we can all work together, in an integrated fashion, to support you.