What’s the difference between packages and single appointment bookings?

If you have a chronic condition or long standing symptoms, then we absolutely want to work with you in a ‘package’ setting, where we have a defined 3 or 6 month time frame in which to work together to deliver results.

This ensures that we can do our best work. We can plan your protocol in more detail, and provide you with the necessary support so that your investment delivers the maximum benefit in the shortest time possible.

From experience, we know that those who commit to a package of appointments get better results.  Your practitioner can provide in between appointment support e.g. brief phone support calls to help you stay on track, and we can address any developments / concerns more quickly.

With single appointment bookings, there is no in between appointment support other than answering brief questions that concern the clarification of recommendations made in the Personal Health Plan. These questions can only be asked within 14 calendar weeks of the date of your last appointment. Further questions or requests for information would be addressed at the next appointment.