Can I contact you in between appointments?

For Packages

If you have chosen a package of appointments, then contact between appointments has already been considered and is part of the programme. We understand that questions may arise after appointments – we offer 10 minute calls (how many is dependent on the chosen package) to help address any questions in between appointments, to help you stay on track and provide support as required.

If in addition to this you have a question, then your practitioner will be happy to answer any brief questions via email, but if a longer response or time for consideration is required, then we will kindly request that you book in for one of the allocated 10 minute support calls, or bring your next scheduled appointment forward.

For single appointments

With single appointment bookings, there is no in between appointment support other than answering brief questions that concern the clarification of recommendations made in the Personal Health Plan. These questions can only be asked within two weeks of the date of your last appointment.  Further questions or requests for information would need to be addressed at the next appointment.