I want to choose a package of appointments, what other costs do I need to consider?

Food:  The nutritional recommendations may mean that you are spending more money on different foods than you are used to. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll be spending more money and we can work with you around your budget. Eating well doesn’t have to be expensive. It may be that you’re cutting back on your coffee shop latte, in favour for buying more vegetables, so your monthly expenditure doesn’t differ too much. 

Nutritional Supplements: In most cases, high-quality nutritional supplement recommendations will be made (but please note this is an optional aspect of the protocol). Your practitioner can work to your budget for supplements. In the short term at least, it would be beneficial to have a monthly budget if you can, for supplement support. High quality nutritional supplements can for example help to increase the level of a particular nutrient to help exert a specific therapeutic benefit e.g. helping a pathway to function optimally, or to quickly correct a nutrient deficiency.

Functional Testing: To help us better understand the underlying root causes of how you’re feeling, to assess progress, or to rule in / out a working hypothesis, we will likely make recommendations for functional testing. These tests provide us with significantly more meaningful information than what is available through conventional medicine testing. The tests we recommend are scientifically grounded, often utilising the most current up-to-date research.

If there are tests that can be performed through your Doctor, then we can request your Doctor runs these (i.e. private healthcare or through the NHS) thereby reducing costs where possible.

Functional testing costs vary quite significantly, e.g. anywhere from around £50 to £600, depending on the test and how comprehensive it is.

Having a budget for testing would be very helpful, but not essential.