Can’t I just get tested through my national health service?

Yes, you can visit your regular Doctor and request testing. However these conventional testing options, even when done through private health care, are usually quite limited and don’t provide the full picture.

In our experience, conventional testing doesn’t assess the number of markers required to properly assess how your body is working, or to the same level of detail as functional testing. Also, for some tests e.g. stool testing, the analysis method used may not have the same level of sensitivity/accuracy as functional tests.

Often, your Doctor does not have access to the same specialist, functional testing we do, or can’t perform a better standard of test due to clinical or cost restrictions.

When we receive conventional test results, our interpretation of those results, and the recommended course of action, is usually quite different.

The “normal” range used by conventional testing is set for the “normal” general population (a large proportion of whom are sick and/or overweight), and with financial considerations in mind, not necessarily for your optimal health. We often interpret your results (even if you got them from the NHS), using different ranges designed to achieve optimal health, not just prevent immediate issues.