We’re hiring – are you the personal trainer we’re looking for?

Personal Training at Optimised helps time limited and often stressed city centre professionals to look, feel and perform better through nutrition, movement and lifestyle medicine.

Every one of our clients is unique. Understanding, translating, and engaging with that uniqueness represents our greatest challenge as trainers but presents us with our greatest opportunity to change lives and achieve success.

We believe that being lean, healthy, and happy is great, but that there’s more to life than having a six pack. We believe that creating sustainable consistency is more important than gimmicks, quick fixes and short term results at any cost.

If you’re a dedicated, motivated and passionate personal trainer, and are looking for a career changing opportunity, we want to hear from you now. See the image below for more on our approach to personal training (click to enlarge):

What we’re looking for:

Attitude and aptitude to learn are more important than qualifications, but the following are non-negotiable – we are looking for those who want to be the best.


understand what it is to be professional

intelligence; the ability to independently research, absorb new information, interpret it and practically apply it

energy and commitment

an appetite for reading; at Optimised we have a mandatory reading list of books which you’ll need to work through

the ability to understand and deliver results across a diverse spectrum of client aims and objectives, adapting program design accordingly

an interest in learning and applying unconventional strength training & informal movement (sandbags, heavy ball carries, sleds, suitcase carries, Indian Clubbells, kettlebells, climbing, jumping, monkey bars, skills based training) in addition to conventional methodologies (sets and reps based training such strength and hypertrophy)

want to learn more about how factors like thyroid health, digestive system health, the microbiome, stress hormones, and inflammation affect the ability of your clients to feel better and get better body composition results. Together with our clinic team, we offer an integrated approach to our clients’ health, fitness, and body composition that is based on a functional medicine / systems biology approach – it’s important therefore that you hold an interest in the deeper issues that can affect your clients and hold them back from success

technologically proficient; if you’re not, please don’t apply

– organised

be available Monday-Friday 6:30am-8pm, Saturday 7am-1pm. If you’re not, please don’t apply on this occasion

want to raise your nutrition and health coaching game

have a desire for further study with leading qualification / education providers

passion for self education including reading primary research

willingness to be pushed hard in all aspects of the profession – standards at Optimised are exceptionally high

be a committed career personal trainer; there are plenty who just float around without direction or dedication, churning out low quality sessions without care or commitment

be in great shape; the kind of physical shape the your clients aspire to be in. If you’re not, please do not apply.

live the life you preach


We are looking for the finest personal trainers of the next generation who want to dedicate their life to learning the science and art of achieving sensational health and body composition results and changing the lives of others.

Please note that we do not allow the practice of BioSignature or BioPrint methods at Optimised Personal Wellness.

We take a strong stand against steroids. Optimised is a steroid free environment. Anyone, clients included, taking or recommending the application non-medically indicated exogenous steroids will be asked to leave with immediate effect. If you’re one of those trainers, you need not apply.

If you’re driven to learn, better yourself and better the lives of your clients through great coaching and consistent, sustainable, actionable, science based recommendations, you’re the personal trainer we’re looking for.


In return, you can expect from Optimised:

– a competitive hourly rate

– ongoing in-house education and support to take you to the next level

– a friendly, fun atmosphere where you’re part of the family here. Each of our trainers and practitioners is special to us and you’ll be no different

– one of the finest training environments in the North of England

– dedicated clients who are hungry for results

– the opportunity to progress within Optimised


Interested? In the first instance please email your CV to: hello@optimisedpersonalwellness.co.uk


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Matt, Dee & the Optimised team