A Few Thoughts On Abdominal Definition

5 factors that could be holding you back...

Achieving abdominal definition is a goal for many people.

After all, who doesn’t want to feel lean and look great?

Having some level of abdominal definition can also be a great indicator that the main factors, such as nutrition, exercise, digestive system health, and stress hormones, are all in a good place.

Here are 5 factors that could hold you back from achieving abdominal definition:

1. Stress - chill out!

Stress of any kind – emotional, physical, nutritional or mental – results in high stress hormone (cortisol) levels. 

Cortisol stores fat around your middle, ruining any chances of seeing a six pack anytime soon.

The remedy: aim to be asleep by 10:30pm, and make sure you get some regular quiet time – yoga and meditation are both great, the herb Rhodiola Rosea can also help.

2. Keep exercise regular, short, and hard.

Long duration exercise isn’t just ineffective for abdominal definition.

It also raises cortisol levels.

Keep your workouts short, high intensity, and resistance exercise based

3. To crunch or not to crunch?

You’ve probably already got a six pack, it’s just hiding. 

Pumping 100 sit ups out every day is only going to give you bad posture and back pain later in life, but won’t burn fat around your middle. 

Limit your stomach crunches, and/or add some variation instead of just doing a straight crunch.

4. Great abs are made in the kitchen

Great Abs Are Made In The Kitchen.

 Hidden food intolerances and yeast (candida) overgrowth can cause abdominal inflammation and bloating. 

Following a clean, elimination style diet, killing the sugar and starchy carbs, taking prebiotics, a high strength probiotic, and some kyolic garlic extract, can all work wonders.

5. Control your blood sugar levels.

High blood sugar makes you fat. 

Eat a high, clean protein and good fat diet, and make sure the first thing that you eat in the morning is protein (followed by fat).

To your future success,

Matt & the personal training team

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