Getting Lean, Sexy and Strong: The Rules That Never Changed

Forget the bright colours and shiny lights…

One of the things that gets me pretty damn ticked off about the fitness industry is the amount of complete nonsense that’s spouted.

And none more so than when it comes to ‘tips’ and ‘tricks’ to get the results you’ve always wanted.

And, for that matter, industry shows where many of the fitness models look like hookers dressed in sparkly pink leggings (sorry if that’s you).

There are usually two factors at play

1. These tips and tricks almost always take advantage of your past experiences (most often frustration, disappointment) when it comes to fat loss and getting a great body, and the general confusion about what to do to get those results, and;

2. They promise that it’s always quick and easy; ‘hey here’s how I got ripped in four weeks using one simple/forgotten/easy/quick/weird (delete as appropriate) trick! Or they centre around a new product that is usually brightly coloured in order to keep you amused.

Not only does this sort of stuff waste your time and money, it also confuses the hell out of everyone and leads people away from great results.

Don’t run before you can walk

I see clients (especially new ones but I have the occasional die-hard trick/tip lover!) coming to me day after day, dazed and confused. 

They have:

  • a cupboard full of supplements
  • a closet full of dusty (and usually bloody useless) exercise equipment
  • and a head full of ideas about getting an amazing body using nothing but a couple of pills and the latest gadget they bought on late night TV (when they should have been getting the 8-10 hours sleep per night needed for the best results).

The rules that never changed

Sometimes we focus too much on little tips, tricks, pills and potions. 

And there’s certainly way too much BS out there about the ‘latest thing’.

The news is, there aren’t any tricks. The basic rules are the same as they’ve always been:

1/ Achieve consistency in your life

Getting a great body doesn’t happen in one hour a week (or in your dreams). 

You need to eat right, drink right, lift heavy, move your body and sleep like a baby. 

Until you achieve consistency in the basics, do NOT pass go.

2/ Do the work

Work hard in your training and move your body as much as you can the rest of the time. 

Lift heavy, sweat, stick to our natural evolutionary movements, not new machines, vibrating plates or steppers. 

Read my article, 7 Things You Should Not Be Doing In The Gym!

3/ Good nutrition hasn’t changed for millions of years

Your body is designed for certain foods and a certain level of protein. 

Approaches such as intermittent fasting also hold answers but not before you get the basics in place consistently.

4/ Good science

Good science is always evolving. 

And good personal trainers are on top of it. 

Identify and correct biochemical and postural imbalances. 

Harness your genetic potential. 

At Optimised we use the best labs and techniques in the world, and our practice, whether in exercise or nutrition, is driven by science, not science fiction.

5/ Ignore the BS and be prepared to do what it takes

Be mentally strong and committed to your specific goals, consistently

This is perhaps the biggie – without being in the right mental space it’s much more difficult to do any of the above.


The rules to getting lean, sexy, and strong, whether you’re male or female, never changed.

But a money hungry industry, as well as a lot of people that don’t really know what they’re talking about came along who want to separate you from your hard earned money and valuable time.

That includes personal trainers, nutritionists and so on who were just too lazy to do their homework and get it right, or even worse, don’t care as long as they’re making money out of it.

There are a lot of great, and not so great, ways to get results. 

But until you’ve got these 5 rules down, you’ve got no business running around buying the latest ‘must have’ diet books, or supplements, scouring the internet for the latest (and often contradictory) article, or god forbid, invest in expensive equipment that you don’t know how to use effectively.

The wrap

At our personal training practice in Manchester we don’t rely on cheap tricks or short  term strategies (that don’t lest) to keep our clients happy and to get them results. 

We rely on our core principles in achieving the best results and sensational bodies through honesty of effort, the best and latest science, achieving consistency, realising that sacrifice is required and staying committed to goals.


To your lean, healthy, optimised future,

Matt & the personal training team

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