How to Smash Your Goals [+ Still Enjoy Life!]

Say goodbye to extreme, restrictive regimes and still get the body you want!

Being committed to your goals – getting leaner, stronger, and healthier, for instance, is a great thing.

But sometimes we think that commitment can be a double edged sword.

You need it in order to be accountable to yourself, stay consistent, and hit those goals, but getting too tied in can lead to feelings and emotions that not only aren’t useful, but can completely derail your progress!

It’s OK to enjoy yourself

How To Smash Your Goals Still Enjoy LifeBlog

Have you felt bad about a night out with friends or worried about having dessert after a family meal?

This article will explain why you should not feel bad for enjoying yourself and how you can still make progress with your fitness goals while not missing out on life.

When it comes to making fitness goals, whether that be in terms of body composition, performance goals, or to improve mindset, the best way to reach these goals is to make this new lifestyle become sustainable.

Here at Optimised, we believe in creating long term progress rather than short term fixes.

This means we believe in making training and nutrition part of your everyday lifestyle mixed with things that you enjoy is what will bring the best results, due to this being sustainable over a long period of time.

Nobody wants to be told that they have to order a salad if they eat out, have to say no to a night out all the time and can’t go enjoy themselves on a short holiday or feel like they have to track all their calories throughout.

Living this way can bring short term success, however will likely only ever be a quick fix solution as ultimately, this will lead to unhappiness and a lack of enjoyment which will make the process unsustainable.

And this means you are more likely to fall off track and end up back to square one.

The ‘all or nothing’ approach

In relation to working towards your goals or following your specific routines, many people seem to fall into this ‘All or Nothing’ approach.

This is where they either stick to their goals and routines 100% of the time, or they completely fall off track and lose all focus on achieving their goals.

This does not have to be the case.

The main aspect to think about in relation to achieving your fitness goals is remaining consistent, training regularly using progressive overload and eating a healthy diet, high in protein.

If these details are fundamental parts of your lifestyle, then there is absolutely no reason why you can’t let your hair down and enjoy yourself.

The 80/20 formula is an effective measure of this, following these routines 80% of the time, and allowing yourself to not track/ be ‘unhealthy’ for 20% of the time can be a good way to find the balance between making progress with your goals while still enjoying occasions without missing out.

And you’ll still get the results you want.

One key thing to be wary of is allowing a few ‘bad’ days set you off track, for example a night out with friends where alcohol is consumed can leave you feeling hungover and tired for not only the next day, but potentially even the days following.

This is even more common after a holiday where you may naturally feel down upon returning back to normality.

This is likely to make you feel lethargic and demotivated which makes it easy to dive into the biscuit tin or order a takeaway.

Often is the case whereby it is not the event or the day of enjoying yourself itself that sets you back, but the days following.

This is why it is so important to get back on track as soon as possible, this will be the difference in continuing to make progress even with the odd ‘unhealthy’ meal or time off, and completely falling off track.

Top tips to get back on track

Whether it be time off training and a week filled of food and drink over the festive period, holiday with friends, or simply a night out, these tips will help you to back on track and keep you on the path to progression.

Get moving

If you can, try to get back into the gym and back on plan as soon as possible.

This will help to redirect your focus back onto your fitness goals and ensure you get back on track with your training.

If this is not possible then just aim to at least get your steps in, 10k is the recommended step count and has shown to be highly beneficial.

Sort your nutrition

What you put into your body will have the biggest effect on how you feel both physically and mentally.

Getting straight back into healthy eating through wholesome foods such as fruit and vegetables, and high levels of protein will have you feeling back to your best in no time.

Going on a food shop prior to a night out can be a useful way of hitting the ground running the following day.

If you have stocked up on good quality healthy food sources you are set for success as opposed to making the easy option and going for quick, unhealthy choices that will leave you feeling more tired and unmotivated.


Another vital aspect of getting back to your best is getting good quality sleep.

7-9 hours is generally recommended and getting these levels will help you to feel refreshed, energised and more likely to make better choices throughout the day.

Overall, while it is obviously not recommended to regularly eat poorly, miss training or have time off, it is more than acceptable to enjoy life and have the occasional time to let your hair down without feeling guilty.

The wrap

Sustainability and consistency is what will be the key to achieve both short term and long term results.

Staying on track 24/7 is unlikely to be sustainable over an extended period of time.

As long as you nail the basics consistently, you can definitely allow yourself to have fun occasionally and you will still continue to progress towards your goals!

To your lean, healthy, optimised future,

Jamie & the Optimised personal training team

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