We’re different because you’re unique.

Optimised are a passionate, dedicated, friendly and focused team of personal training professionals that care deeply about our clients success and results. 

We are driven to be better, to study and research, to drive ourselves forward as a team, by our desire to help you live a leaner, stronger, better, and higher quality life.

Ultimately, it is you, your uniqueness, your specific challenges, goals, dreams, and desire to change your life for the better that inspire us to raise the bar and deliver services and results that are exceptional.

Personal Training Team

Josh Dyson

Director of Personal Training


Josh is Optimised’s Director of Personal Training – if you want exceptional coaching and results, combined with first rate knowledge and years of experience, Josh has it all.

With a BSc in Sport & Exercise Science, a Masters in Sport & Exercise Nutrition, and previous experience within sport supporting Lancashire County Cricket Club, Lawn Tennis Association, Seattle Seahawks, Sale Sharks and University of Oregon, combined

with a track record of inspiring and delivering outstanding results with individual clients, Josh is one of the finest fitness and nutrition professionals working in the UK today.

When you add a genuine, friendly and caring personality, together with a passion and dedication that always sees him going above and beyond the call of duty, it’s not hard to see why Josh’s clients achieve exceptional results by consistently being coached to do things the right way.

In addition to working with Optimised clients, Josh continues to guest lecture at the University of Leeds on the Sport & Exercise Science programme, while also defining and delivering the exercise and nutrition curriculum for Optimised’s team of personal trainers, instilling his passion, ethos, and knowledge as in integral part of the Optimised team’s DNA.

Jamie Williams

Personal trainer


Jamie is a personal training professional of the very highest calibre, delivering industry leading results across a wide range of clients.

Passion, dedication and a deep commitment to his client’s success are the hallmarks of Jamie’s training programmes, as well as meticulous planning and preparation – our no-stone-left-unturned philosophy is never better embodied than when training with Jamie.

With a BSc degree in Sports & Exercise Science, the knowledge and dedication Jamie instils in himself transfers 100% into his role as a fitness professional, ensuring that you fulfil your potential and achieve your goals.

By bringing to bear a deep knowledge of nutrition, training technique, and biochemistry, you’ll maximise your potential and achieve outstanding results.

Dom Kinsey

Personal trainer

Dom640Web 1

Dom is a friendly, highly qualified strength and conditioning coach and educator. Experienced, respected, unbelievably knowledgeable, and with a proven track record as well as a degree in Sports Science, Dom achieves exceptional results time after time.

Dom is a former MMA competitor and 2nd degree black belt, with interests in nutrition, natural movement and strength. He’s also a Strongman competitor, and has coached athletes to national

and international titles in powerlifting, Brazilian Ju-Jitsu and bodybuilding – a diverse set of results requiring a true expert in programming, technique and nutrition to deliver.

Matt Brereton-Patel



Matt leads the personal training team and is passionate about helping people succeed in achieving a better body and outstanding health. In founding Optimised, he set out to create an exclusive, in-depth, no-nonsense personal training experience that changes lives.

With a decade of experience achieving success with hundreds of clients, Matt came to personal training from a professional career in pharmaceutical research and development, experiencing first hand

 the challenges of spending long, stressed hours behind a desk, along with what can happen to your body, health, mood, and energy levels.

To your lean, healthy, optimised future,

Matt & the Optimised personal training team

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How can I help you?

How can I help you?

How can I help you?

How can I help you?

How can I help you?