We’re Manchester personal trainers who deliver life changing results

If you’re looking for friendly, experienced personal trainers in Manchester, you’re in the right place.

We’re passionate about delivering results: lean, strong bodies, and outstanding energy and health.

We transform bodies and change lives

Our private personal training gym provides an inspiring atmosphere that is not at all daunting.

Even if you’re a complete beginner, you’ll find the atmosphere in the gym friendly, often fun, and always supportive.

Getting Started is Easy!

Choose from our carefully curated team of trainers

Set up a free consultation with as many trainers as you like

Start achieving the results you’ve always wanted!

Choose from Manchester's best personal trainers

The best personal trainers in Manchester don’t work in commercial gyms or for personal training companies. The best personal trainers in Manchester are independent, and they work for you, at Optimised.

What can you expect

We’ll help you to look and feel better than you have in years, and we’ll empower you to stay that way


Get lean, look great, boost your energy
We’re here to deliver results, pure and simple. After training with us, you’ll look, feel and perform better than ever.


Nutrition advice
You’ll get out what you put in, but there’s no need to go extreme in order to achieve sensational results.


Choose the results you want
Most personal training gyms have a rigid way of working, but at Optimised you can choose the exact trainer for the results you want


Life changing results that last
Amazing results are based on exercise, nutrition, lifestyle, and habit change. This way you take control and keep your results forever.


Our World class gym is inspiring & friendly
Our gym is unique – the very best equipment to deliver the results you want, while keeping things varied and interesting.


Our expert team is fully qualified
The passionate and dedicated personal training team is hand picked for their knowledge, expertise, and proven track record.

The gym

Delivered within our luxury, state of the art facility in the heart of Manchester city centre, there is simply nowhere better in Manchester to achieve the results you’ve always wanted.

Who is Optimised Personal Training for?

From gym first timers and time-limited professionals, to sports professionals, we achieve results with everyone

What will your trainer expect from you?

Achieving results requires:

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How much does it cost?

Fees vary depending on the personal trainer you work with and how many times per week you choose to train. Please contact the personal trainer you wish to work with for more information.

To your lean, strong, healthy future,

Matt & the personal training team

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How can I help you?

How can I help you?

How can I help you?

How can I help you?