Do we achieve sensational, life changing results? Yes we do...

Each and every person has had different challenges on their journey to achieving results. Some have have endured chronic health conditions for years, while others have come to us with years of fat loss failure behind them.

Below you can read what our clients say about us and how they changed their life for the better.


After only 9 weeks of training with Optimised…


As a forty year old, I had been gaining weight slowly over the past 5 years or so despite the occasional diet and fitness regime. I was feeling my age and was constantly tired, struggling with the effort of working shifts in a stressful job. 

I decided to find a personal training service because I felt I would definitely benefit from the knowledge and motivation provided by a personal trainer.

I first met Matt approximately 3 months ago and was impressed with his level of enthusiasm and knowledge. I saw the facilities available and knew that this was the place I needed to train at.

Since I started training about 9 weeks ago, I have seen my weight drop by over 2 stone, put on over half a stone in muscle, my strength and fitness soar and my diet improve beyond belief. However, one thing that can’t be measured is the increase in wellbeing and quality of life that I now have.

Now the reality check is this doesn’t come easy, you have to put the effort in but the good news is Matt and his staff will give you that and more back. You have to do it, but Optimised provide all the tools to make it possible.

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8 weeks of training with Optimised


As an ice hockey player I was already in pretty decent shape when I started training with Optimised. 

But with a trip to Ibiza booked and only 8 weeks to go, I wanted to step things up.

My trainer changed my nutrition, training methods and how I go about things outside of the gym so I was quickly making progress and getting where I wanted to be. 

In only 8 weeks I not only got in much better shape, I learned a huge amount that’s going to stay with me going forward as well so I can keep progressing.


6 weeks of training with Optimised

I’d trained for the last 25 years, moving from various team sports when I was younger, to more gym-based work as business and family took over my spare time! 

To be honest I was probably going through the motions as I wasn’t working towards any particular goals other than general fitness. The results were OK but not game changing…

Optimised, particularly Danny Richardson, have changed the way I think about feeding a workout (pre and post) and how I eat and drink generally throughout the day. 

My workouts have become more scientific and well thought through, and I now train with a purpose. Other than losing half a stone, toning up, and getting physically fitter and stronger I’m really enjoying training again!!

I now think about what I eat and drink and when. I train harder and smarter as I appreciate the benefits because I have more knowledge, I use the right supplements for me based on my personal needs and goals, and I’ve learned that I can achieve great results if I’m prepared to pull all that information together.

I’ve been spoilt by the support I’ve received from Matt, Dee and Danny for which I’m eternally grateful. 

I’d like to recommend that anyone who’s hit a brick wall, lost the love for training, or just wants to be better educated about what’s possible, give these guys ago, you won’t be disappointed!!


Only 7 weeks of training with Optimised


When I came to Optimised I was skinny and my body didn’t have any shape to it, plus I didn’t feel confident in myself. 

I wanted to get lean and add some muscle, but I didn’t have a clue about working out or nutrition.

The level of detail everyone at Optimised goes into, the support you get, and the amount of work that goes into 

your program outside of sessions is incredible. My trainer changed the way I eat, sleep, and train. I’ve lost fat, leaned out, and added muscle. It was hard work, but you get out what you put in and I’ve really enjoyed it in a sick kind of way!

Training with Optimised you don’t just get your training session, you get an education in what works for you specifically and why. I now know how to eat and what works for me, the importance of nutrition, sleep and drinking enough water, and also how to exercise properly for my goals.

I honestly didn’t expect the results I got in the space of time I had available, but the guys at Optimised take the guesswork out from day 1 so you hit the ground running.


Lifestyle Lean programme


Before I started training with Optimised I just couldn’t get lean, despite working with a personal trainer. 

I was on a nutrition plan that wasn’t getting me any results and I was wasting my time, effort and money. 

I was just really, really frustrated and unhappy with my progress!

Things were different from day 1 at Optimised. At my consultation I got a clear sense that these guys are on top of their game, as well as what my personal plan would look like and what was going to be involved in getting the results I wanted.

From my first session I knew my trainer wanted the results for me as much as I did.

We sat down and discussed exactly what I wanted to achieve, what I was doing now, what I needed to change, and how I was practically going to change my life. The coaching was brilliant and I could tell my trainer really cared.

My training and nutrition plan was completely different to what I’d had before, and my whole experience was better.

The results have been incredible. I’ve shredded my body fat, gained muscle, and feel a lot happier and more confident.

Looking back to when I started, I’ve changed my life. 

It’s not just about what you do in the gym, I’ve changed the way I eat, focused on sleep, made big changes to my lifestyle, and changed my mental approach in how I think about myself and what I want from my life. 

A lot of what I call my ‘old life’ is history, I now live better and make better choices for myself every day. The physical results are great, but what the pictures don’t show is differently I feel, too.

Because the coaching at Optimised is such high quality, and I’ve been coached about about what’s right for me personally, I know I can maintain my results and a better quality of life going forward.

Because the personal trainers at Optimised work with the clinic team there, I also resolved my digestive system issues, and that was a big part of getting the results I wanted. I got really fast advice from the start, got a test from the clinic team, and put a plan in place to resolve my issues.

It was the same if I had muscle tightness, I could speak to one of the physical therapy team and get an opinion and an appointment right away.

Optimised is also just a great place to be, everyone is super friendly, everyone knows your name and cares about how you’re doing.

I’ve learned a huge amount in my time with Optimised, it’s a truly 360 degree approach that includes training, lifestyle and health.

I can’t thank the whole team at Optimised enough, I put in the hard work and stuck to the plan, but the information, advice, and coaching you get in addition to the sessions have been game changing.

I would definitely recommend training at Optimised to anyone, without any doubt at all, as long as you do the work it’ll be one of the best choices you ever make.


6 weeks into training with Optimised


I’d had personal training before and was looking for something different. 

After a chat with Matt I was convinced that the approach at Optimised was something that would deliver for me.

The last few weeks have been a journey – the changes I’ve made in my diet have made me feel a lot better and we 

have made a lot of progress addressing digestive issues and bloating. 

The results have been incredible in such a short space of time, and as others have said, the team here assess everything when you come in and put everything in place so you’re getting results from the very start.

While it’s definitely tough you can take things at your own pace – you definitely get out what you put in though and I can’t recommend Matt, Dee and the team highly enough.

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Sarah Greenwood

I started with Matt in September, just before I started I remember sitting down having a chat and just telling Matt how lousy I felt as a whole, I had no energy, my concentration wasn’t great as I felt so lethargic!

I would often leave work and go home to sleep in the evenings before eating just to get me through. I had had 3 slipped discs previously and although I was finally back to where I should be with my back, I was repeatedly getting muscle strains because I wasn’t training, but I wasn’t training though due to my confidence issues in training again and just felt lost!

I was eating junk food all day everyday and needed to be held accountable! I found the website and contacting Dee and Matt was the best thing I ever did! That was 4 months ago! I am happy to say my energy levels are more consistent, I feel better in myself, I am weight training and absolutely loving every minute of it! 

There is never a typical session with Matt, he is always educating and pushing me for more, he understands how the body works and understands people well. Not long after starting he suggested a Vitamin D test and I was severely deficient!

I am now on drops and all the aches and pains I used to have, have gone! This man is worth his weight in gold! If you want someone with expertise, that can educate you on the things to put in your body, give you the supplements your body needs, then look no further! I used to be one of these all or nothing types, on extreme diets and detoxes, training 3 times a day!

Matt is teaching me how you can still get results pulling back and not having to absolutely kill yourself in every extreme and for the first time I am actually enjoying the journey and not looking forward to fast forwarding to the “finish” line! 

Thanks to Matt I am 10kg down and seeing improvements in my back and every aspect of my life! This is the person to come to when enough is enough and you want to start making positive changes in your life.

Barclay Mullins

These guys are awesome! If you have an opportunity to work with them, just do it.

They will help you to achieve your goals and will do everything they can to maximise results in the time they have with you. Be prepared to work hard and learn a lot!

Sheila Mottershead

Remember how unfit and unhealthy I said I felt when I had my first consultation with you?  My medical history was a long read,  Breast Cancer, persistent headaches, Lichen Planus, advanced Arthritis (neck and shoulders), Crohn’s disease, IBS, Dermatitis (both ears), Skin Cancer (BCC on my nose) and more recently Endometrial Cancer.

I’m really grateful that Dee took the time to develop a programme of supplements to address the serious amount of inflammation going on in my body, along with a pre and post op fitness regime from Matt and the team at Optimised to strengthen my core and aid my recovery after the hysterectomy.  The doctors and nurses were impressed by how quickly I bounced back.

Along the way you also persuaded me to adopt various adjustments to my diet – cutting out: alcohol (easier than I thought) and sugar (much harder).  Lemons and berries which I used to avoid are now an enjoyable part of my daily diet.  The harder job of cutting out grains is a work in progress but I will get there, I promise.

Matt’s training sessions are fun, which is good for me as I used to hate workouts.  I now feel enthusiastic about exercise and proud of the progress I’m making.

I now feel better than I have in decades and it’s thanks to all of you for all your encouragement, help and support.

Sarah Morris

I was having joint pain and was still carrying post-baby weight that I wanted to lose before my wedding. I didn’t know how to tackle my nutrition and I found it hard to motivate myself working out on my own.

Optimised Nutritional Therapist Dee put together a nutritional plan for me that was brilliant and made my joint pain go right down. 

My Optimised personal trainer also set me to work in the gym with a specific workout. I managed to lose the weight and tone up which was exactly what I wanted. I also had so much more energy and looked so much better – I honestly felt the best I had felt in years!

My changes in nutrition have had a huge impact on my health, I’ve learned how to eat better and now also have lots of new techniques to take to the gym.

I just want to say how awesome my trainer has been! She’s been a massive support, helped me meet all my goals and put up with my frustrations along the way. 

A huge thanks to Dee for all the encouragement and help she has given me too, one of the best things about Optimised is how the clinic practitioners and personal training team all work together so you get better results!

Rich Wyers

I spent the majority of my 20’s battling with my weight and vowed I wasn’t going to spend my 30’s the same way. I’ve joined plenty of gyms in my time, each of which I became bored of. The problem: the results weren’t good enough and always tapered off!

When I came to Matt, I was at my heaviest and having trouble with my stomach. Plus I felt physically uncomfortable and was unhappy with my appearance. Matt devised a plan including home workouts (no more wasted gym fees for me!) and nutritional advice.

Six months down the line, not only am I looking better but I’ve learned a lot – the training sessions with Matt have been a real education. He has a wealth of knowledge which is great as I like to know the rationale behind what I’m doing.

When I saw my best friend for the first time in a few months, I looked so different he hardly recognised me!

The issue of my unsettled stomach continued, so upon Matt’s recommendation I did a couple tests. Based on the results, Matt and Nutritional Therapist, Dee, tailored a plan of supplements and provided advice.

Matt is a great guy to work with; his enthusiasm for what he does has kept me going and continues to make me strive further than I ever imagined – 10% body fat here I come!

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Debora Price

Matt is brilliant. Highly motivating and great expertise. Listens carefully and very responsive to your personal goals and aspirations.

Gemma Sweeney

So my birthday summer holiday was fast approaching and I was feeling, well a bit podgy in my kindest words! I had put on over a stone in the last year, drank a lot and ate really unhealthily! I didn’t even know what an avocado was until I met Matt, my personal trainer.

I was very sceptical at first, I had 4 weeks to turn my life, diet and body shape around. I wanted quick, fast results and therefore I sought a personal trainer, I emailed 3 in Manchester 2 replied promising me to look like Tulisa and Coronation Street stars and they didn’t seem very inviting to say the least.

Then Matt at Optimised replied, what he said made sense and promised me he would do everything in his power to get me beach ready  – it wouldn’t be easy! So that’s it I was sold!

Training was tough, changing my diet and drinking water was tough and Matt was very open and honest throughout the 4 weeks. I was grateful because I needed that encouragement and pushing harder each session! I tried everything possible to get easy sessions, did I get them NO! Matt didn’t listen to my moaning he just said your holiday will soon be here so deal with it.

After 4 weeks I had lost a stone in fat, lost 4 ½ inches off my waist, 2 ½ off my hips and 2 off my thigh! I was more toned than I had ever been in my life, everyone commented on how good I looked. I also felt good inside and out and now I look forward to eating vegetables and fruit more. 

I have definitely changed some habits of a lifetime and I would recommend Matt and the team at Optimised 110% they really do get you results. Happy client!

Nicky Moore

When I decided to finally take my health seriously after a life-time of being overweight, I came across Matt and thought his holistic approach to personal training might be just the kind of thing I was after. I can honestly say that it was the best decision I’ve made in years.

Working with Matt has had an overwhelmingly positive effect on my health, weight, fitness and self-esteem. His three sixty degree approach, personally tailored to me, has boosted my energy levels, eliminated a whole host of digestive and mobility issues I’ve struggled with for years and generally left me feeling great.

Matt delivers each session with the perfect balance of motivation, encouragement, enthusiasm and ‘the science bit’! And the best thing is, for the first time in ages, I actually look forward to exercise!

David Easdown

Can’t say enough good things about Matt and the team at Optimised.

I had an unusual fitness goal which was to be able to be fit and agile enough to keep up with my 3 year old son – Matt and the team built a program including monkey bars, cargo nets and traditional compound exercises that have given me the strength, fitness and confidence that I never thought I would have approaching 40. 

They have a truly bespoke and fun approach to whatever you want to achieve and I can’t rate them highly enough!

Emma Warrington

I’ve been training at Optimised with Matt Arnold for four months. The transformation I’ve had in my fitness has been incredible.

I’d not exercised for two years due to an injury and the rate of recovering my fitness has been faster than I would’ve ever hoped for. I’m fitter and stronger already than I’d been before. Every week sees a jump in improvement.

It is a friendly but focused gym, with an experienced and highly knowledgeable team. 

All the advice you receive – from fitness, nutrition, sleeping, to supplements is; straight forward, fact based, and easy to implement. 

Couldn’t recommend more highly and wish I’d found them years ago.

Jamie Fowler

My wife had been working with Matt for several months and had seen some spectacular results, and having spent 5 years pounding a punch bag with my previous personal trainer I felt the time was right to take a different approach.

Wanting a piece of the action I undertook an initial consultation and haven’t looked back since.

I see Matt twice a week and he has helped change my shape radically. His holistic approach and different techniques have kept me interested at every stage. I have full buy-in to his methodology.

Matt is genuinely interested in your personal development and welfare. His knowledge and understanding is unlike anything else I have experienced before – I have seen instant results and feel well on the way to a sustainable and enjoyable programme.

Stef Fowler

Having always exercised and competed in triathlons for about 6 years I thought I was fit and knew how to exercise but just needed a bit of extra help shifting some excess baby weight, when training time was limited.

I was expecting to be punished physically but Matt’s style of training is completely different to anything I’d done before. 

It’s hard to believe that training less and going back to the basics of core stability and strength training would make such a difference but it really does work – my results were so good my friends and family have been demanding Matt’s number from me!

Following the nutritional guidance really helped me to kick my naughty eating habits back into shape (without feeling like I was completely missing out) and all the weight I lost initially has stayed off. 

I’m due to have my second baby in the next few months but I will be back to train with Matt as soon as I can to refocus myself and get my body back into tip top shape.

Daniella B

I’ve been attending Optimised for the last 12 months and have received amazing results with Coach Danny Richardson. I’ve lost 20kg and am fitter and healthier then I have ever been.

The premises are fully kitted and staff are always friendly and approachable. The team offer a wide range of services apart from coaching, including nutrition and physiotherapy which I’ve personally accessed and found very useful. 

I particularly like how the sessions can be planned around my life, often at odd times and how coach Danny touches base throughout the week to ensure I’m on target! Can’t fault all the staff or ethos of Optimised! Thanks Danny Richardson and all the team at Optimised!

Michelle Casey

I can’t recommend Matt at Optimised enough to help with health, fitness and weight loss goals. 

Matt has been exactly what I needed to learn new habits, break bad ones and learn to fuel my body while still enjoying food, wine and life.

After nearly a year I have lost a significant amount of weight, I’m fitter than I’ve been in years and have had massive improvements in functional strength.

If you’re thinking about it, just do it!

Amy Massey

Before I came to Optimised I would describe myself as an enthusiastic but clueless exerciser! I would have bursts of intense exercise lasting months and sometimes up to a year but would always ultimately end in some kind of injury. 

My latest was severe back pain with sciatica like pain that I’d had for almost a year before coming to Optimised. I’d had physio and osteopathic treatment but neither got rid of the pain.

My first session with Dom included a full body movement analysis where he put me through a series of exercises so he could assess what might be causing me issues. 

Right from that first session I felt like everything was tailored perfectly to me with my goals to become pain free in the front of Dom’s mind during every session. I was doing exercises and working on parts of my body that I’d never done before. It turned out that my hips and my feet were causing a lot of my issues and that my issues were primarily in my leg but causing me back pain. 

It was so interesting to learn off Dom during this process and after a few weeks I was totally pain free and enjoying getting stronger and fitter in the process.

I would definitely recommend Optimised for anyone wanted to get stronger, fitter or to address an injury!

Caroline Thorp

When I first started training with Matt in June, I knew the following months would be a bit hectic as it was my 30th Birthday in July and I was getting married in September, so I really wanted to feel on form.

I’d wanted to work one on one with a trainer for a while as I’d always had an an interest in health & fitness but wanted more of a bespoke experience which would also be a bit of an education.

After a short consultation with Matt discussing my short and long term goals, and his background and views on health & fitness, I decided that I’d definitely made the right decision. It wasn’t just going to be about the right exercise for me but also nutrition and balance.

My training evolved from core based exercises through to building my strength and some quite testing circuits, and I was always kept motivated throughout in a really positive (non-Army Major) style! Every month my sessions would involve an assessment – this is when you really see your results on paper (as well as actually seeing the results and feeling great of course), and I found this really helpful in committing to the program outside of sessions.

I also started off with the personal nutrition plan which helped me identify what foods work well for me and which don’t. Within a short space of time I was soon feeling lighter, toned and full of energy.

During my time training with Matt I feel that I have a better understanding of my well being and how nutrition and exercise strongly contribute to it.


Gareth T

I am half way through an online program with Matt. As I am constantly working in different places I needed a PT to support me and give me consistency and expert knowledge.

I get a weekly call for progress, motivation and advice as well as instructions on exercises, diet, sleep and relaxation methods. In addition I get support via messaging whenever I have a query.

I am limited in my access to gyms and ability to cook for myself as I am constantly living out of hotels. So far I have lost over a stone and a half and it is staying off…. even over Christmas… which is a first for me.

If you are determined to make a change then I can’t recommend this enough.

Nadine Dewhurst

I had a made a promise with myself that after the birth of my second child I would work really hard to get fit and start to eat a more healthy diet. The time came and I embarked on a programme with Matt.

For someone whose book shelf contained as many takeout menus as it did books and whose idea of exercise was walking to the local shop, he had a challenge on his hands! I was initially taken with Matt’s enthusiasm and passion for what he does. It wasn’t long before we were getting real results, the weight was dropping off and I was beginning to feel good about my body and exercise, I genuinely looked forward to my training session.

For me, Matt is a brilliant trainer, for it is not just the way in which he motivates you, it is the way in which he has educated me about food and fitness and has taught me invaluable skills which will stay with me for always.

I feel like a new woman, I’m 23 pounds lighter, in much better shape and down to my changes in diet and exercise I have never had so much energy. If I can do it, then anyone can!!!

John L

The equipment and expertise available at Optimised is second to none.

I’ve spent nine months training with Matt and in that time I’ve seen results way beyond my expectations and learned more about my body than I thought possible. 

The Optimised team offer knowledgeable, friendly and intelligent personal training which focuses on nutrition, resistance and conditioning workouts, all of which have been tailored towards my needs and goals.

The quality of the training equipment is world class; you get massage when needed, regular checks (body fat tests, tests for vitamin deficiencies etc) to see where the body is at and what is required to move forward – even the changing rooms are five star. 

I would 100% recommend the Optimised team to anyone that is serious about getting fit, healthy and wanting more out of life.

Maria Akbani

I was trying to lose weight before I came to Optimised, mainly through calorie counting. Whilst this was working, I felt like I was losing weight without getting healthier or fitter. 

I have really enjoyed working with my trainer. She has a fantastic attitude and has really supported me through my fitness goals. 

All my exercises were fully explained and I really liked my bespoke circuits. She mixed them up and was really adaptable to my needs. I have achieved my weight loss goals, become a lot more fit and have much more confidence!

The nutritional information I received was great, it has meant that I now eat better which has sped up my weight loss. I’ve been able to reduce unhealthy foods, but even if I do have them, they’re very far and few in between. 

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time at Optimised Personal Wellness and I would happily recommend them to anyone!

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James B

Optimised Personal Wellness genuinely take personal training & wellness services to a new level. 

The facilities are the best I’ve been in, very well supported by their professional and friendly team of trainers & practitioners.

The team genuinely care about your results and your health. In depth support in and out of session time has always been provided. 

Cannot recommend the Optimised team enough, if you’re in Manchester and looking for amazing results this is the place to go.

Philip Leach

Matt is a terrific and very effective trainer. He’s also fountain of knowledge on diet and put me well on the road to maintaining my personal fitness and reducing my ‘wheat-belly’.

Zoe East

After having a baby, I was feeling pretty unfit, untoned and generally in need of a kick start into getting back to exercise. With regular sessions with Matt, I can see that I have toned up considerably, lost a few lingering baby pounds and feel generally fitter.

I have a new way of eating, through following my nutrition plan. I also suffered with knee pain when running for years and assumed I simply had something wrong with my knees, however, when using my new best friend, the ‘foam roller’, it became clear that the knee pain was probably associated with other parts of my body and not my knees. On using the foam roller regularly, and with Matt’s soft tissue release, I can now run without pain.

I can also get into my pre-pregnancy skinny jeans! An extra bonus! Matt was great to work with, really passionate and dedicated and pushed me to my maximum potential. I would highly recommend him.

Kimberley Cowell

Optimised is a brilliant facility!

I compete in strength sports and the very high standards of equipment available are perfect – together with Coach Dom Kinsey’s knowledge and competition prep, it’s the ideal package.

Highly recommended!

Tim Groom

My trainer’s expertise coupled with the facilities at Optimised make for a life changing combination.

My trainer operates on an ‘On Call’ basis to his clients providing advice and support near enough 24 hours a day which shows his dedication to helping you achieve the results you want and exceeding your expectations. 

He pushes you to levels you didn’t think possible but in a supportive manner without chastising you like you’re still in school. The bottom line is he’s a great guy and he genuinely wants you to achieve the best that you can.

The Optimised gym has a huge range of equipment to keep the workouts interesting and ever evolving. The nutritional advice and body analysis also provides an extra level of information to make sure you can get the best possible results but I can’t stress enough that this is done in a friendly and almost laid back way that makes everything seem accessible.

The results I have achieved have changed my life. I wish I’d done it sooner and I am now looking forward to reaching the next level. I cant recommend it highly enough.

Paul Mills

I decided to undertake a personal training programme to get stronger, improve technique on compound lifts and improve flexibility. 

I trained with Dom Kinsey who undertook an initial movement test and created a tailored programme towards my goals and weaknesses.

The end result was that my strength and technique on all of the main lifts and weak points improved massively and I also learnt how to stretch properly which helped both flexibility and weaknesses. 

Can’t speak highly enough of Dom and I was really pleased with the results. Optimised is a really great facility with excellent equipment and has a good, friendly atmosphere.

Cat Doherty

Highly professional personal trainers and nutritionist here, excellent facilities and a very welcoming inclusive atmosphere.

They really know what they are doing, are very thorough in their approach and don’t fall into the trap of gimmicks and easy fixes.

If you want to achieve your goals and are willing to work hard, Matt, Dee and the team will get you there. They are always advancing and improving what they do. Can’t recommend them enough.

Salwa A

Training has never visibly improved anything until I started training at Optimised. 

Unlike other trainers who stick to gym hours, my trainer is very motivated and determined to help you reach your goal, he will provide you with a very healthy program that eventually will be your way of life!

Additionally, his own dedication and physical transformations inspire me as well as other clients to train to our limit. 

I’ve been training with him for over six months now, and I can say with confidence that I am healthier than I have ever been and that in turn has tremendously effected my concentration, academic performance and energy levels, not to mention my physical appearance.

Chris Edge

Optimised is a great facility, staff are friendly, welcoming and knowledgeable. 

I have trained with Danny numerous times and have benefited from his wealth of experience in bodybuilding and powerlifting as well as his knowledge of nutrition.

The equipment is constantly being added to and improved making sure all who use it are using the best. I would highly recommend Optimised to anyone wishing to simply get in shape or develop themselves further.

Alice Mosely

I have been training with Matt on the lead up my wedding to help me achieve the results I wanted for the day. 

I really enjoyed training with Matt and at Optimised Personal Wellness, I felt great on my wedding day and would not have been able to get the results without the amazing training and support! 

Would definitely recommend to anyone.

Seb Weston

I was just out of university having done little exercise during my time there, and was unfamiliar with the gym and not motivated enough to get myself there. Working with the team at Optimised gave me confidence and understanding in the gym. 

My PT Matt was incredibly helpful and friendly and made the whole experience enjoyable. I really looked forward to the sessions.

I have learned a lot of new exercise routines to use in the gym, as well as good advice on how to live healthier in general. Matt Arnold was great, helpful and always flexible with sessions. Made the experience very worthwhile.

I would definitely recommend Optimised. For anyone like me who just wants to get a bit of fitness in and a better understanding of how to eat healthier and get into a routine, would recommend to anyone. Thanks the help!


Optimised Personal Wellness is a fantastic place with a team of professionals and very welcoming environment. 

It offers variety of body and mind support such as: personal training, soft tissue therapy, psychotherapy, coaching, and nutritional advice. 

I had very positive experience and I strongly recommend this great place in Manchester especially if someone wants to work towards optimal health and optimised life!


Optimised have got to be the best PT’s I’ve ever worked with, along with their Nutritional
knowledge – absolute game changers!

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To your future success,

Matt & the personal training team

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