Our Clinic Partners

The clinic at Optimised Personal Wellness hosts a truly fantastic range of practitioners. 

From physical therapists such as physiotherapists, osteopaths and sports therapists, to Functional Medicine practitioners, nutritionists, and mental wellbeing experts, we’re ready to help you.

Once you’ve found the right practitioner, you’ll be able to contact and book in with them directly.

Our clinic practitioners often work in an integrated fashion, which means that we can refer people to the right person at the right time, with minimum hassle and continuity of clinical care.

Our Manchester personal training team also work closely with our clinic practitioners, both accepting and making referrals when appropriate.

Physical therapies

Four of our clinic rooms are equipped for physical therapy, and host a range of physical therapy practitioners.

These can include osteopaths, physiotherapists, chiropractors, podiatrists, sports therapists, soft tissue therapists, massage therapists, and more.

All of our physical therapists have access to our 2000 square foot personal training gym as required, ensuring that you receive the very best standard of care.

Coho Health - Functional Medicine & Nutrition

Coho Health are specialists in Functional Medicine and nutrition.

The Functional Medicine approach pinpoints the root cause of health issues, and the team implements personal programmes to remediate and reverse these problems, achieving excellent clinical outcomes.

The Coho Health team also helps people who are struggling with their nutrition, or who have health problems related to nutrition.

The Coho Health website can be found here.

Mental Wellbeing

Optimised are pleased to host a range of mental wellbeing specialists, including clinical psychotherapists, psychologists, life coaches, and counsellors.

Our team offers a warm, friendly, professional approach that can help you to make sense of whatever aspect of your life you’re struggling with. Our aim is simple and that is to help you to make the changes you want in your life.

People come to see a therapist for many different reasons, no matter what your reason is, we offer a warm, friendly and confidential service.

Our experienced team will work to help you understand and overcome many of life’s difficulties, some examples that people often present with are; stress and stress burnout, anxiety and depression, struggling with weight gain, phobias, panic attacks, relationship issues, childhood trauma, bereavement and addiction.

To your lean, healthy, optimised future,

Matt & the personal training team

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