Optimised Body Online

If you want to take back control of your life, look and feel amazing, and learn how to live in a sustainable way that maximises your unique human potential, wherever you are in the World, this is for you.

Optimised Body Online Coaching goes beyond regular online personal training, online nutrition coaching, or online health coaching to deliver sensational, life changing results.

We transform bodies and change lives

Your coaching experience with Optimised will get you in the shape of your life

With 12 years coaching thousands of personal training clients to success at our Manchester, UK, gym, you can trust that every single thing we do works and achieves results with people just like you.

In working with the experienced, friendly, and passionate team at Optimised, you can have confidence that our coaching has been tried, tested, and refined in the real world in order to deliver the very best results.

And you get access to all this at a fraction of the cost of our 1:1 personal training sessions.

That’s great.

But we also know that in order to achieve life changing results, we need to go beyond outstanding programme design, to understand you. Because in understanding you, your life, your preferences, and your past and present challenges – that’s where the magic truly happens.

What you can expect from Optimised Body coaching

We’ll help you to look and feel better than you have in years, and we’ll empower you to stay that way

Get lean, look great, boost your energy
We’re here to deliver results, pure and simple. After training with us, you’ll look, feel and perform better than ever.

No extreme diets or insane workouts
You’ll get out what you put in, but there’s no need to go extreme in order to achieve sensational results.

Weekly 1:1 video coaching & chat support
Personally speak to your coach every week, access our huge resource library, and get support via our chat system when you need it

Life changing results that last
Amazing results are based on exercise, nutrition, lifestyle, and habit change. This way you take control and keep your results forever.

Science based, holistic, and research driven
Our approach is based on science, not science fiction. We stay ahead of the curve, reviewing the latest research so we provide the best advice.

Your unique plan on all your devices
Your unique plan is based on our in-depth, 360 degree screening process, and is available on all your devices, wherever you are.

Our expert team is dedicated to you
The passionate and dedicated Optimised team is hand picked for their knowledge, expertise, and proven track record.

Online body coaching is accessible everywhere
We’ve already helped people from over 22 different countries. Where ever you are in the World, we can help you.

The path to an optimised you…

We get it. Life is busier and more pressured than ever.

There’s never been more contradictory and confusing health and fitness information out there than there is right now.

Transforming your body, getting lean, and feeling re-vitalised, re-energised, and just plain happy, has rarely been harder.

Instead of spending endless hours reading articles or following the latest celebrity recommended fad diet or workout, your Optimised coach is here to pinpoint exactly the best approach for you from day 1.

We’ll cut through the confusion, instil a clarity of purpose, and ensure that you’re set up to succeed – leaving the old you behind, smashing your results, and feeling ready for anything.

We’ll facilitate and empower you to take control of your life through forming sustainable nutrition, lifestyle, and exercise habits that you’ll love.

No calorie counting, fad diets, extreme exercise plans, or quick fixes that don’t last. Just learning what works for you and discovering how to live your best, most fulfilled, happiest life.

Don’t take our word for it, here’s what our clients say about their success…

I am half way through an online program with Matt. As I am constantly working in different places I needed a coach to support me and give me consistency and expert knowledge.

I get a weekly call for progress, motivation and advice as well as instructions on exercises, diet, sleep and relaxation methods. In addition I get support via messaging whenever I have a query.

I am limited in my access to gyms and ability to cook for myself as I am constantly living out of hotels. So far I have lost over a stone and a half and it is staying off.... even over Christmas... which is a first for me. If you are determined to make a change then I can’t recommend this enough.

Gareth T

I used to be one of these all or nothing types, on extreme diets and detoxes, training 3 times a day! Matt is teaching me how you can still get results pulling back and not having to absolutely kill yourself in every extreme and for the first time I am actually enjoying the journey and not looking forward to fast forwarding to the "finish" line! Thanks to Matt I am 10kg down and seeing improvements in my back and every aspect of my life! This is the person to come to when enough is enough and you want to start making positive changes in your life.

Sarah Greenwood

Exactly what I needed to learn new habits, break bad ones and learn to fuel my body while still enjoying food, wine and life. After nearly a year I have lost a significant amount of weight, I’m fitter than I’ve been in years and have had massive improvements in functional strength.

If you’re thinking about it, just do it!

Michelle Casey

All the advice you receive - from fitness, nutrition, sleeping, to supplements is; straight forward, fact based, and easy to implement. Couldn't recommend more highly and wish I'd found them years ago.

Emma Warrington

They really know what they are doing, are very thorough in their approach and don't fall into the trap of gimmicks and easy fixes. If you want to achieve your goals and are willing to work hard, Matt, Dee and the team will get you there.

Cat Docherty

They will help you to achieve your goals and will do everything they can to maximise results in the time they have with you. Be prepared to work hard and learn a lot!

Barclay Mullins

Change your life in 3 easy steps – starting now

1. Choose your programme

Choose how long you want your coaching programme to be:

  • 12 weeks
  • 6 months

2. Sign up

Once you’ve signed up, we’ll introduce you to your coach, and we’ll ask you to complete our intake questionnaires.

Then we’ll schedule your first appointment at a time that suits you and we’ll be all set to start your personal journey to an optimised body.

3. Get results

Now it’s time to achieve life changing results – it’s what we do.

After your first appointment you’ll receive a clear personal plan that will cover everything you need to do.

All appointments are carried out over Skype, Zoom, Facetime, or phone.

How much does it cost to get World class coaching?

Get the benefits of our 1:1 personal training experience and expertise at a fraction of the cost

12 Week Online Body Coaching

£ 399.00

Total for 12 weeks
  • > With an expert Optimised coach
  • > £199 initial payment
  • > Followed by x2 recurring payments of £100
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6 Month Online Body CoachingMost Popular!

£ 699.00

Total for 6 months
  • > With an expert Optimised coach
  • > £199 initial payment
  • > Followed by x5 recurring payments of £100
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12 Week Online Body Coaching

£ 597.00

Total for 12 weeks
  • > With Optimised Co-founder Matt Brereton-Patel
  • > £199 initial payment
  • > Followed by x2 recurring payments of £199
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6 Month Online Body Coaching

£ 1194.00

Total for 6 months
  • > With Optimised Co-founder Matt Brereton-Patel
  • > £199 initial payment
  • > Followed by x5 recurring payments of £199
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Our friendly team are ready to help you to optimise your body, wherever in the world you are. We’ve already helped amazing people from over 22 countries to change their lives and achieve sensational results. Are you ready to join them?

To your lean, healthy, optimised future,

Matt, Dee & the Optimised online team