Looking For An Experienced, Qualified & Evidence Based Nutritionist In Manchester Delivering Real Health Improvement Results?

Nutritional Therapy at Optimised Personal Wellness offers a scientific, evidence based approach to your health and wellbeing at our clinic in Manchester city centre.

The truth is that what you put in your mouth every day and the way you live your life are the foundations of your mental, physical and emotional health.

If you build your health on a weak foundation you’re setting yourself up to look, feel and perform poorly, resulting in frequent visits to your doctor and chronic illness.

And it’s not just us saying it. We’re backed by study after study suggesting that everything from digestive disorders and insomnia to cardiovascular disease are linked to how we live, what we eat and how we move.

DeeNutritional Therapy at Optimised Personal Wellness is different because we understand the underlying causes of poor health using a science and evidence based approach. We also work with a range of functional testing laboratories and other trusted healthcare practitioners, meaning you get the fast track to optimal health.

Real, meaningful results are achieved by assessing the root causes of ill health, and by helping people take long term control of their health through what they eat and their lifestyle (or as we like to call it, nutrition and lifestyle medicine).

Some people come to us because they’ve got an existing health condition and want to know what they can be doing differently in order to feel better. We work with the medical profession and are dedicated to helping you get the very best results.

Others come to our clinic because they know there’s something not quite right and things aren’t how they used to be. We help by looking at all the possible causal factors at play, pinpointing imbalances, and developing a personalised strategy to achieve optimal health.

Nutritional Therapy not only offers a powerfully different perspective, with expert advice, but also one of the most comprehensive clinical testing suites available, and a range of options when looking at the very best way forward for you.

In addition, some people come to see us because there’s nothing wrong with them at all. They just recognise that the absence of illness isn’t the same as optimal, bursting, vital health and happiness, and they want to pro-actively invest in themselves and their future.

Here are a few ideas of symptoms that Nutritional Therapy at Optimised Personal Wellness can help with:

  • Digestive system issues
  • Stress
  • Energy problems
  • Sleep issues
  • Women's health
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Weight loss issues
  • Allergies
  • Food intolerances
  • Aches & pains, inflammatory conditions
  • Cardiovascular issues
  • Blood sugar problems e.g. type II diabetes
  • Fertility
  • Skin conditions

If you're looking for a qualified Nutritionist in Manchester delivering real health transformation, you’re in the right place.

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