Why I created Optimised Personal Wellness

Just as Optimised Personal Wellness isn’t your typical personal training experience, my story isn’t typical of most personal trainers.

I didn’t have pictures of Arnie on my wall in my teenage years, I didn’t get into personal training because I loved lifting heavy weights from an early age, or because I was struggling to think of something I could make a living from, and standing around doing my hair in the gym mirror while my ‘client’ pushed out ‘one more’ rep sounded easy.

10 years ago I had a successful, high paying career in pharmaceutical R&D, working on oncology studies. But I spent most of my day sitting at a desk.

My waistline was expanding, my energy levels were consistently low, my mental focus was poor, professional performance was less than my best, and my mood was often a lot less than stellar.

Even worse, my nutrition was pretty horrible and exercise was sporadic. I remember sitting at my desk eating what passed for lunch, thinking about how my ‘exercise’ that day amounted to getting out of bed, walking to the bathroom, brushing my teeth, walking to the car, and then from the work car park to my desk, with a reverse of the above in the evening. Some workout!

My biochemistry was off the dial too – high inflammation, shocking blood sugar and insulin sensitivity, stress hormone imbalances, high body fat and low muscle mass. In short, I was a mess!

Like many other people in this situation, I had an expensive gym membership which was gathering dust, along with my occasionally used trainers. Not that I disliked the gym, I loved it, but like most people, at that time I was uneducated in proper exercise choice, form and progression for the results I wanted.

I realised that ‘life’ had overtaken my best intentions and that without taking some decisions and committing to a course of action, things were not going to get better any time soon.

I had had abdominal definition in my 20’s,  and always had a passion for health and fitness – how had it come to this?! It was time for change – in fact, change was long overdue.

Some people decide to buy a new pair of trainers and go for a run, or use that gym membership for a month, maybe clean up their diet a bit too.

I decided to commit the rest of my life to optimising my own body, biochemistry and mental state, as well as that of anyone who wanted to do the same. I knew then that not only did I want to change my own life, but I wanted to design a groundbreaking health and fitness service capable of delivering outstanding bodies and changing the lives of busy, time limited professionals who share the same challenges I’d experienced.

My fantastic wife, Dee, who also had a career in pharmaceutical research and development, explored her passion for helping people and qualified as a Nutritional Therapist and now is Director of our clinic team.

Following the rationale that if you want to do groundbreaking work, you’d better have somewhere groundbreaking to do it, we also founded a 3500 square foot health clinic, yoga and wellness studio, and personal training gym – the first and largest of it’s kind – in the heart of Manchester city centre.

But we’re not done yet – we know we can never stop learning, or growing both as people and professionals.

And we haven’t yet reached and benefited anywhere near enough people with the knowledge we have – which is why as I write this we’re planning a whole new raft of projects, ranging from public talks, to different ways to engage with the corporate world and people just like you who need help but don’t know where to start.

My life has changed – I now look, feel and perform better than ever, and I want do the same for you.

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To your lean, healthy, optimised future,