Life Coaching & Psychotherapy in the heart of Manchester

Our team offers a warm, friendly, professional approach that can help you to make sense of whatever aspect of your life you’re struggling with. Our aim is simple and that is to help you to make the changes you want in your life.

People come to see a therapist for many different reasons, no matter what your reason is, we offer a warm, friendly and confidential service.

Our experienced team will work to help you understand and overcome many of life’s difficulties, some examples that people often present with are; stress and stress burnout, anxiety and depression, struggling with weight gain, phobias, panic attacks, relationship issues, childhood trauma, bereavement and addiction.

We understand all too well just how much of an impact these issues can have for a person. Often it is not just about understanding how a person thinks or behaves, but also understanding the deeper feelings (or suppression of feelings) that can really change your life.

Other people come to see us in order to optimise an already successful life, and we often help with time management, effective stress management, communication efficiency, focus, motivation, and other professional and personal development strategies.

Our team uses psychotherapy and life coaching to help free people to live a more authentic life, a life where people have an understanding of their thoughts, emotions and behaviours.


The aim of psychotherapy is to help you make sense of the issues you feel you’re struggling with. If you have some obstacles you want to overcome or experiences you need to make sense of, and feel stuck in a rut, then we will guide you towards a healthy understanding of your past and present experiences.

You will be empowered through a new understanding of positive and effective methods of coping and moving forward.

Psychotherapy can help people who want to make changes to their lives and want to understand themselves on a deeper level.

People often come to therapy due to having depression or anxiety, or symptoms of stress often caused by work related stress. Some people have experienced trauma at some point in life, or bereavement.

We can help you make the changes that you want in a relaxing, calm and non-judgemental way. Please feel free to contact us to explore more about what service you feel would best suit your needs.

Life Coaching

The life coaching skills our team employ can, in many ways, be similar to psychotherapy and at times these two fields can cross over.

Do you have ideas or a plan but don’t know where to start? Do you have feelings of being overwhelmed at the thought of making changes in your life? Come and find out exactly how a life coach can help you.

Are you feeling stuck in your career or want more from your personal life but don’t know where to start? The team at Optimised can help you to understand what it is that you truly want from life and to put you on the path to achieving your goals. There’s no doubt that getting the support of a life coach can significantly improve the quality of your life.

Success Coaching & Life Optimisation

Do you want to remove personal psychological blocks that are stopping you from achieving more and fulfilling your maximum potential? Do you want to learn how to optimise your personal performance so that you can achieve more success and better work-life balance?

Many professionals, business owners, CEOs, Partners, professional investors and other high level performers reach out to us in order to increase their performance and their quality of their life.

Here are just a few of the areas that we can help to gain results in:

  • Strategies for enhanced work-life balance
  • Leadership
  • Stress management
  • Relationship management and conflict resolution
  • Time management, greater efficiency and productivity
  • Career and professional development
  • Developing confidence and presence
  • Persuasion
  • Public speaking
  • Motivation
  • Enhanced focus and concentration
  • Communication efficiency

Integrated Practice

Our life coaching and psychotherapy team is one of the first, and only, in the UK working alongside expert Functional Medicine Nutritional Therapists, soft tissue therapists and personal trainers in an integrated functional medicine and personal training practice.

We have access to advanced testing modalities that are not available within the NHS or private hospitals, meaning that, together with the team at Optimised, we can provide a unique perspective on mental health and performance optimisation.

This enables us to better understand the nutritional and biochemical issues (such as hormone imbalances) that may hold the key to mood problems, mental health issues or performance enhancement. By working in an integrated manner we can provide a truly holistic, science based assessment and treatment plan in order to empower our clients and achieve improved and more sustainable outcomes.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why do people come to therapy/life coaching? 

People come to therapy/life coaching for many reasons such as depression, anxiety or feeling stressed or ‘burnt out’ at work. Others may have experienced trauma in their life, such as childhood abuse. 

Whatever your reason, we will offer a space free of judgement or expectations where you can discuss the changes that you wish to make in your life. 

What can can I expect from the first session?

During the first session, we will take some very basic details about you and then we can discuss why you have come to therapy or life coaching. We understand that it can be difficult attending therapy for the first time, which is why we offer a warm and comfortable environment. 

It is important that you feel free to speak about things at your own pace.

How long are the sessions?

Both the therapy and life coaching sessions will last for 50 minutes which allows for time after the session to write up notes. We also have availability to extend sessions if required.

How many sessions will I need?

This really depends on what it is that you are bringing to therapy/life coaching. There is no straightforward answer to this question. You are able to end your sessions at any time. All that we ask is that you give at least one session’s notice. This is to give us sufficient time to give you an appropriate end to our time together.

If you have any further questions or would like like have an informal chat about therapy please feel free to contact us.

If you’re looking for a qualified life coach and psychotherapist in Manchester delivering transformational personal change, we’re here to help.

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To your healthy, optimised future,

Dee & the Optimised clinic team