Gravity – intense body weight training classes

Gravity is a friendly but intense small group class that delivers a strong, lean, functional body that looks great and is ready to perform for life.

All classes are led by Optimised resident expert Tommi Baker, and focus on intense body weight training, movement efficiency and integration. With a maximum attendance of 7 people, Gravity is suitable for complete beginners and advanced participants alike.

Strong camaraderie, a supportive environment, detail to individual progression, and lots of personal attention are standard aspects of every class.

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If you want to live a leaner, stronger, fitter, higher quality of life, here's what we've got in store:

  • Small group classes, with never more than 7 attendees so you get the attention you deserve, more space and freedom to move, and better results
  • A focus on you, your form, technique, and progress
  • Results, pure and simple: get lean, improve your fitness, strength, and develop a bulletproof body that can handle everything life can throw at it
  • Free access lockers and towels so you don't need to carry half your life with you just to do a class
  • Free access to our luxury changing facilities equipped with showers, hair dryers, toiletries and straighteners so you can freshen up ready for work or socialising after your class

You will be learning how to apply different aspects of human movement to achieve an optimised body, health and well-being.

Whether you spend all day sitting behind a desk and doubt you have the ability to get moving again, want to lose weight, are a runner in need of balancing your body, or a gym goer looking to add a challenging dimension to your routine, Gravity ticks all the boxes.

Gravity is structured around the seven fundamental movement patterns and will focus on these throughout. The class structure varies week by week as progression is imperative and there is so much variety you'll never find yourself bored.

Optimising human movement is key to a better standard of life and Gravity will enable you to fulfil your natural human potential.

If you want to increase your strength, develop your fitness, enhance your natural movement skill and efficiency, burn fat, and become more functional in all areas of your life, this is for you.

You just need to bring your body, gravity will do the rest.

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To your lean, healthy, optimised future,

Tommi & the Optimised team