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Functional Medicine Nutritional Therapy at Optimised is the right choice if you suffer from, or suspect you suffer from, a chronic health problem.

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If it’s time to take control of your health and you need an approach that is in depth, personal, deals with the root cause of health problems (rather than just the symptoms), and most importantly achieves results, we’re here to help you.

With clinics in Manchester (UK), and Mallorca (Spain), plus a specialist Functional Medicine retreat in Mallorca and our virtual clinic, our passionate team is dedicated to your health.

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How Optimised can help you

Our team have experience of achieving life changing results with a wide range of health issues


We depend on our immune system every second of every day, but in autoimmune disease, the immune system has become ‘confused’, reacting to our own healthy cells. Medications only manage symptoms or supress the immune system. A Functional Medicine approach is critical in helping to understand and address the complex inter-relationships between our genetics, the environment, nutrition and our lifestyle – bringing back balance and quality of life.


An imbalance in thyroid hormones can affect our ability to gain or lose weight, metabolism, energy, mood, hair growth, and fertility, to name just a few.  Undiagnosed thyroid problems are extremely common with studies indicating up to 1 in 6 of us could have ‘subclinical’ hypothyroidism. Comprehensive thyroid hormone testing and interpretation is the only way to identify imbalances and fully understand what strategies need to be implemented to put things right.


Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth is associated with most cases of IBS, and is an often overlooked underlying driver of many other conditions. Bloating, pain, diarrhoea, constipation and fatigue are just some of the symptoms. Our practitioner team are on top of the latest research in this relatively new area and follow leading researchers, Dr Siebecker and Dr Pimmentals’ guidelines for identifying and addressing SIBO through an individualised approach for each client.

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Digestive issues can have far reaching consequences e.g. on mood, immunity and hormone balance, and can have many underlying causes; an immune reaction, deficiencies, structural, gallbladder/liver issues, stress, food, bacteria, viruses, yeast or parasites. Addressing your unique underlying causes can provide relief from signs and symptoms that may be taking over your life.  The Functional Medicine approach can help achieve optimal digestive function and consequently better functioning of all of your body systems.


Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is a complex condition affecting weight, mood, fertility, and other hormones in the body. It’s a hugely underdiagnosed hormone disorder that requires an expert analysis to know how and where to intervene to improve symptoms. PCOS can be managed quite differently – our experienced practitioners will identify how the disorder is affecting your body systems through our meticulous, no-nonsense approach to understanding the full picture. And with something as important as fertility, we don’t cut any corners.

Female hormone issues

Hormonal imbalances are often a consequence of genetics, stress, nutrient deficiencies, food intolerances, gut health and detoxification imbalances. With different potential underlying causes in each case, the treatment cannot be the same. Managing symptoms with painkillers or hormone medications may be necessary but only mask the underlying issues, whether you’re currently taking medication or not, we can help you balance your hormones naturally.

Fatigue & Chronic Fatigue

From knowing you’re not at 100%, to debilitating fatigue and numerous associated symptoms that lead to poor quality of life, the batteries making energy in every single cell can be re-charged through a Functional Medicine approach. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (or ME) can affect every aspect of our life and it takes an in-depth analysis to understand underlying drivers, and a caring dedicated practitioner to support you on your journey back to wellness.

Food intolerances & allergies

There are many reasons why we might react to a food – an immune reaction, poor digestion, poor intestinal health, bacteria or yeast imbalance, or cross-reaction – when the body mistakes the food for something it ‘did’ want to react to. Food reactions can affect weight, mood, energy, digestive function, skin, inflammation and hormones. We will help you to accurately identify food intolerances and to understand the ‘why’ in order to limit further food reactions and hopefully re-introduce previously avoided foods.

Skin complaints

Skin issues, often a manifestation of underlying issues, can affect men, women and children and impact us on a psychological level. Mainstream treatment such as creams, antibiotics and even hormone medications, only mask the problem. With multiple possible triggers and each case being unique, we’ll dig deeper and understand what is driving your skin complaint and address it, providing not a quick temporary fix but long-term relief from symptoms.

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We change lives

Here’s what people say about working with the Optimised Functional Medicine team

I initially went to see Dee to see whether I could control my PMS symptoms (mood swings & anger) - avoiding the ‘antidepressants’ route. To my surprise, after only 2 sessions and implementing the changes to my diet and lifestyle that Dee had suggested (as well as a vitamin supplement), my mood was much more manageable.

Now a few months later, it’s actually not a problem anymore, I am much more calm, and have a lot more energy. As a result, the whole family, not just myself, have benefited from Dee’s help! I would certainly recommend Dee to anyone.


Dee knew before any GP that my issues were caused by hormones. Now that I have a diagnosis of endometriosis she is who I have gone back to for help and advice. She is so supportive and has really tailored her approach to suit me, my lifestyle, and my needs. I would recommend her to anyone!

Allanah Ashdown

I went for the GP blood tests today and it happened to be my diabetic nurse that took them…. was expecting her to be a bit peeved that I hadn’t taken them (prescribed medication for diabetes) and gone elsewhere for advice….She weighed me and said “oh gosh well something’s working you’ve really lost some weight”. She said she thought my Nutritionist sounded amazing to keep trying what I was doing, it made total sense to her. That probably 10 years ago my thyroid would have been classified as a problem by the GP but that the boundaries have decreased. She asked me who you were as her sister has low level thyroid issues that are not classified as an issue by the NHS but that are having a negative affect...

PJ - Part 1

My HbA1c in December (after I’d been calorie counting and generally doing the ‘eat right plate’) was 57, this is when the diabetic nurse first suggested I go on the tablets that have a side effect of thrush. She said the target for me was 48, this seemed impossible as I felt I was trying so hard already. My result today, after roughly just 6 or 7 weeks doing what you’ve said (and not 100% perfectly) is 46!!

I am absolutely delighted!! And surprised!! I just obviously need to keep doing what I’m doing.I seriously cannot thank you enough. I know I am still on a journey but I know feel like I’m on the right path. So glad I didn’t take those extra tablets and contacted you instead.

PJ - Part 2 (7 days later)

Prior to my experience of working with Dee at Optimised I was suffering from terrible gastro-intestinal discomfort and symptoms. This was having a profound impact on my health and general well-being, I wasn’t myself and I wasn’t able to do the things I enjoyed. Since seeing Dee I am at the peak of wellness, fitness and strength and I can’t recommend her expertise enough. A fantastic investment in my wellness, health and knowledge.

Katie B

For years I have struggled with stomach discomfort and sinus issues and more recently my stress levels have risen due to work and study commitments. My stomach has had a dramatic turnaround now that I better understand some of the triggers which had previously caused discomfort. The sessions continue to be an education and even though I’m still a work in progress, I know that with Dee’s guidance I can continue on a healthy path.


When I came to Optimised I was unknowingly suffering with SIBO and an under active Thyroid. I cannot thank Optimised enough and have already recommended Aga to my friends and family. I feel that this is the future of health and a lot of ill health today has unfortunately been misdiagnosed.

Working with Optimised has been an amazing experience and not only am I happy with the results I feel I have also gained an education in the meantime.


The detox is going well - mentally I’ve never felt happier. Initially it was tough physically due to illness, but I finally think physically I’m starting to feel the benefits too. I’m slowly getting into cooking different food and loving it, and I feel like I would love to keep this up past January.

So a HUGE thanks for this, it’s been a really big learning curve. Amongst other things it’s stopped me picking at rubbish food and given me the motivation to start yoga again.

Rosie Clarke

I was suffering from huge slumps in energy in the day and struggling to have the energy to train regularly and keep my weight low which is very important for a cyclist. The nutrition plan that Dee gave me allowed me to lose body fat whilst increasing strength & fitness. At the same time I was able to maintain my weight without feeling hungry or getting energy slumps. In the race itself I performed much better than anticipated, something I couldn’t have achieved without the help of the Nutritional Therapy team at Optimised Personal Wellness.

James Darnell

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