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Our care plans are structured in three ways so that you can get the help you need in a way that suits you; pay-as-you-go single appointments, 12 week care plans, and 6 month care plans.

Which is the the best option for you? This really depends on your personal circumstances – if you have a chronic health condition or long standing health issue, a 12 week or 6 month care plan allows us to do our best work and in our experience will achieve the best results.

Single appointments offer a significantly less ‘joined up’ approach, and less overall support. This can work well if your health issue is less complex, you need maximum flexibility, or where you’re not sure you can commit to a 12 week or 6 month option.

Single appointments, 12 week and 6 month care plans

Single appointments

Single appointments are the best choice if you want expert advice on your health challenge, want an actionable plan that achieves results, and the flexibility to book appointments as you choose. 

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12 week care plan

Our 12 week care plan is our most popular option, with regular, structured appointments, plus telephone and email support. A 12 week care plan is the best option if you have a chronic health problem where a bespoke, structured, and fully supported plan with ongoing help will achieve the best outcome.

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6 month care plan

Our 6 month care plan offers maximum, bespoke, structured support over a greater period of time.

A 6 month care plan is the best option if your health concern is more complex or longstanding, or you want maximum support on your journey to better health.

This is also the best option if you simply want to reserve a 6 month period in your life in which to commit to achieving outstanding wellness.

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Which is the best choice for me?

All of our options include expert advice, and a bespoke, clear action plan that is designed to achieve the best possible outcome.

If you have a chronic condition or long standing symptoms, then a 12 week or 6 month care plan is the right option for you. Helping your body to significantly improve the function of the joined up systems that underpin the majority of chronic health problems takes time and commitment, both from you and from your practitioner.

Committing together as a team to a defined 12 week or 6 month time frame ensures that we can do our best work, and delivers greater benefit to you.

For instance, a dedicated care plan means we can invest more time in planning your protocol, and provide you with the necessary support so that your plan delivers the best possible health outcome.

In our experience, those who commit to a dedicated plan of care over 12 weeks or 6 months get better results.  Your practitioner can provide in between appointment support e.g. brief phone support calls to help you stay on track, and we can address any developments / concerns more quickly.

Single appointments are a great way to get expert help and insight into your health concern, get a detailed Optimised Personal Health Plan, with the flexibility of booking further appointments as you choose, on an ongoing basis.

With single appointments, it’s important to note that ‘between appointment’ support is limited to answering brief questions that concern the clarification of recommendations made in your Personal Health Plan. These questions can only be asked within 14 calendar days of the date of your last appointment.

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Appointment & Care Plan Comparison

Not sure about the difference between single appointments, 12 week care plans and 6 month care plans? Our handy comparison table will help you understand which option is right for you:


Comparison itemSingle appointment12 Week Care Plan6 Month Care Plan
In person and/or virtual (Skype / Zoom / phone) appointments
Initial consultation
Follow up appointment 1 hourAs bookedx1 (at 4 weeks)x4 (4, 16, 20 & 24 weeks)
Follow up appointment 30 minutesAs bookedx5 (1, 6, 8, 10 & 12 weeks)x5 (1, 6, 8, 10 & 12 weeks)
Support calls (10 minutes each)x2x4
Email support
Pay monthly plan
Pay prior to each appointment
Full case review
Signs / symptoms review
Regular review of progress and updates to personalised protocol to help you reach your health and wellness goalsAs booked
Medical history review
Arranging private functional testing
Design and implementation of personalised protocols to address health concerns; nutrition and lifestyle recommendations
Lab test results interpretation and individualised recommendations
Recommending individualised high-quality nutritional supplements to support health goals
Medication contraindications check
Correcting nutrient depletions caused by medications
Recommending nutrients to support medications
Referral to medical doctor for medication review, diagnosis, medication prescription requests, or further testing where relevant
Liaising with your GP or consultants where relevant

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