Welcome to the Optimised European Centre for Functional Medicine in Mallorca

Optimised Functional Medicine Nutritional Therapy is coming to Mallorca in Autumn 2019.

Our new Mallorca clinic will offer the same range of professional Functional Medicine services as our Manchester Functional Medicine clinic, but with some important additional options.

Here’s what we’ve got in store.

Functional Medicine Nutritional Therapy Clinic

Our Mallorca Functional Medicine clinic is headed by Optimised’s Founder and Clinic Director, Dee Brereton-Patel, and offers our full range of Functional Medicine services.

This brings the health results and reputation for excellence we’ve developed in our Manchester clinic, to people suffering from chronic health issues in Mallorca. We’ll be offering everything you’d expect from the Optimised team, including our bespoke one-to-one consultations, functional health testing, advanced supplements, and dedicated support.

All consultations will be in English initially, although we’ll be expanding into becoming a truly international, multi-lingual clinic as soon as possible.

Optimised Functional Medicine intensive residential 

Our bespoke, intensive residential experience is for those who want to combine a dedicated period optimising their health with a stay in the idyllic, restorative environment that is unique to Mallorca.

Residential experiences can be any duration, from just a few days, to a few months, or longer.

Our Mallorca Functional Medicine team will be happy to advise on accommodation, food options, and activities ranging from sailing, to rock climbing, walking to horse riding, cycling to running to swimming (and much more!) – or simply resting, enjoying the wonderful cultural activities that are available throughout the island, and soaking in the sunshine on one of Mallorca’s world class beaches.

With over 300 days of sunshine per year, Mallorca is an ideal boutique health destination, where, combined with Optimised’s Functional Medicine clinic, you can take time out from your day to day life, truly invest in yourself, and become the best, most optimised version of you.

And don’t worry, when it comes time to return home, you can continue working with us through our virtual clinic.

Functional Medicine retreats in Mallorca

Our bespoke Mallorca Functional Medicine retreats are the ideal setting within which to take a bespoke, life changing, break while exploring and addressing the root cause aspects of your health and approach to life.

With our existing reputation for excellence, and attention to every possible detail or your time with us, investing in yourself through our dedicated retreats promises to be an experience that stay with you forever.

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