Our private functional medicine GP offers personalised, functional medicine to deal with the root cause of health issues

Dr Indra’s integrated approach brings together the best of functional and conventional medicine so that she can identify the root cause of chronic health issues and put in place effective treatment protocols that help people to feel better quickly.

DrIndraWith 14 years’ experience working as a medically qualified GP within the NHS, Dr Indra is ideally placed to work with a wide range of people suffering from specific medical conditions, as well as those who do not have a specific diagnosis but who know that they could feel better.

In particular, Dr Indra's approach can help in circumstances where conventional medicine is unable to provide answers and have the desired impact, or where a more in-depth approach is required when compared to the constraints of an NHS, or even a private, GP appointment.

By taking the time and applying her expertise in exploring the true root cause of illness, a different path can be followed in comparison to simply treating or managing symptoms.

  • Dr Indra sees patients privately on Tuesdays in Manchester city centre.

What to expect from your functional medicine consultation


An appointment with a Dr Indra is a bespoke consultation which will empower you to take control of your health issues and feel better.

In contrast to time restricted NHS GP appointments, or even private GP appointments which may last 20 minutes, our functional medicine GP initial appointments are an hour and a half long, allowing us to get a full, detailed picture of your circumstances in order to recommend a truly life changing treatment plan.

By taking the time to identify the root cause of your condition through holistic, science based assessment, combined with her vast experience in conventional medicine, Dr Indra can then recommend the most suitable and most effective treatment plan for you.

With additional significant time invested prior to your appointment, and an approach that puts the patient at the centre of the consultation and the therapeutic relationship, rather than the disease or condition, you can rest assured that your personal plan takes into account all of the factors at play.

Functional medicine Doctor appointments involve:

  • Free 10 minute telephone consultation prior to booking your appointment in order to discuss your needs
  • Prior to your first consultation you will be sent a comprehensive questionnaire to complete at home. This allows Dr Indra to invest time prior to your appointment so that she is fully prepared for your consultation. (If you have had NHS blood tests or other investigations getting copies of these may also be relevant to bring along to your consultation)
  • Hour and a half minute initial appointment. This is an in-depth consultation to understand your health history and identify the root causes of your illness. 

Your hour and a half minute appointment will include:

  • A full medical examination including analysis of your major health ecosystems including; digestive system, hormonal health, immune system, inflammation, cardiovascular system and more
  • A review of your unique nutrition and lifestyle circumstances; diet, sleep, stress, exercise and social issues
  • Development of a bespoke, actionable health plan that is unique to your needs
  • Setting achievable goals and defining how you will get on-going support

For less serious issues one consultation may be all that is required following which you will be given your bespoke health plan. For more complex conditions further testing and information gathering will often be needed.

Follow up consultations

Follow up consultations are 30 minutes in duration and will be made depending on the nature of the condition and the treatment plan recommended. With severe or longstanding conditions, it may take a little time to embed a new functional medicine recommendations.

If you're looking for a qualified Functional Medicine Doctor in Manchester delivering real health transformation, you’re in the right place.

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