♀ Optimised Fat Loss For Females

For Women Who Want To Look and Feel Fabulous Fast

Do you want the body you’ve always dreamed of, to feel ‘toned’, vibrant and confident?

Many of the women who come to train with us at Optimised have endured half a lifetime – or more – of fat loss frustration, trying various diets but never achieving the results their hard work and commitment deserves.

When combined with juggling a family and a professional life, knowing exactly what to do in order to achieve the spectacular results you’ve dreamed of can become difficult, if not impossible.

Others have been overwhelmed by the sheer amount of conflicting information available on which nutrition, lifestyle and exercise approach works best.

What our experience and expertise tells us is that in achieving a great body, vibrant health, and unbounded confidence in the way you look and feel, a number of factors come into play.

These include digestive system health, hormonal health, stress, and sleep, as well as cutting edge nutritional approaches and exercise protocols designed with your ultimate goal in mind. 

Cutting calories to the bone, going hungry, and feeling horrible doesn’t feature much, but sensational results do.

Our expert, friendly team of trainers and nutritionists are here to motivate, inspire, support, and educate. While we don’t promise it’ll be easy, we do promise that the results are worth it.

Is working out in our private personal training gym intimidating for women? 

Not in the least – the many women who train with us will tell you that while it’s a stimulating and inspiring environment, it’s also friendly and welcoming.

Will you ‘bulk up’ and gain too much muscle? 

Nearly every woman we’ve trained has held that unfounded fear – it’s very hard for most men to do, even with much higher levels of testosterone. 

For women, it’s almost impossible. Women who train with us get lean, gain a great body shape, and feel great.

Are you ready to finally achieve the body you’ve always wanted?

Why not book a free 30 minute consultation at our private personal training facility in central Manchester, where you can have a look around our facility and have the opportunity to tell us a little bit more about how we can help you.

Can we help you reclaim your body?    Book your free 30 minute consultation now

To your lean, healthy, optimised future,

Matt & the personal training team

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