Forward Thinking Corporate Wellness & Employee Engagement Strategies for the 21st Century

For too long ‘corporate wellness’ has been distinctly average. A vague concept offering, at best, limited, intangible benefits.

We’re changing that situation.

Optimised Personal Wellness have gained an exceptional reputation in our one to one work with professionals and business leaders because we positively and measurably affect the wellbeing of the people we work with.

Optimised Corporate Wellness Solutions are delivered by our innovative and experienced team of expert practitioners. We’re dedicated to delivering tangible, actionable wellness strategies within challenging and competitive corporate environments, enhancing the effectiveness and wellbeing of business professionals in Manchester.

Having a combined experience of over 17 years working in research and development consulting for some of the world’s top pharmaceutical companies, and over 10 years further experience in achieving body composition and health results with members of Manchester’s business community, the founders of Optimised are ideally positioned to understand the unique challenges faced by busy, time limited, and pressured individuals.

In addition, our wide breadth of experience also includes working with and returning to health, clients who suffer from chronic and often debilitating illness. Our strategies and ability to help such people are second to none.


How does this translate into an effective corporate wellness strategy that yields results?

Simply put, the main challenges we see in competitive business environments where long hours are the norm and work-life balance is challenging to achieve are:

  • compromised effectiveness
  • compromised energy and enthusiasm
  • absence from work

These factors can often present themselves in instances of:

  • compromised performance and productivity – leading to inefficiency, unproductive working time and poorer decision making compared to the optimal performance expected of top flight professionals and business leaders
  • presenteeism – ‘putting in the hours’ but with moderate to severely impaired productivity due to illness, low morale, fatigue, or stress
  • absenteeism – short term absence from work due to minor illness or fatigue, or long term due to injury or chronic illness
  • undesirable levels of workforce turnover – talented, hard-working professionals who identify themselves with one or more of the issues above and feel unsupported by their organisation may feel compelled to seek other opportunities when they otherwise would not

Each of these circumstances has the potential to negatively impact both personal performance, and the overall financial performance of your business.

An effective wellness strategy breeds fit, healthy, bright leaders, establishing personal presence and a sense of confidence in meetings and presentations. It also instills a sense of enthusiasm, vigour and purpose in senior leadership teams that elicits a positive response in the wider workforce, which cannot be underestimated.

Optimised Corporate Wellness Solutions translate directly into higher energy and more effective delivery of products and services, so your business can focus on achieving and maintaining market leadership.


How Optimised Corporate Wellness Solutions can help

Ideally equipped with a bespoke, luxury 3500 sq. ft. facility incorporating a clinic, private personal training gym, and yoga, wellness, and seminar studio, Optimised is located in the heart of Manchester city centre between Spinningfields and the traditional financial district. We are perfectly placed to be on hand when you need us to deliver.

Optimised provide a range of information and support services that empower individuals to change their lifestyle behaviours, resulting in optimal health, energy, effectiveness and performance.

These services are intended to deliver both real tangible benefits in bottom line and ROI terms, and a number of intangible benefits. We offer practical, easy to implement, real life solutions to real life problems, with follow up materials available in order to drive better, longer lasting compliance and results. Our services include:

One to one coaching:

  • One to one coaching and intervention with regard to specific health issues or concerns
  • Personal coaching on effective nutrition and lifestyle strategies
  • Bespoke personal fitness training and body recomposition, including nutrition and lifestyle strategies
  • Dedicated executive and life coaching


Interactive workshops ranging in length from 30 minutes to 120 minutes. Subject matter can be specifically tailored, but typical workshop topics include:

  • The Biochemistry of Success
  • Brain Hacks – Strategies for Sensational Brain Power
  • Become Your Own Power Plant: Effective Energy Management Strategies for 21st Century Professionals
  • For Now And For The Future: Health Strategies To Enhance Your Performance Today And Take Care of Tomorrow
  • How to Become Bulletproof and Enhance Your Performance Through Nutrition – Everything You Need To Know In An Hour
  • The Science of Sleep: Upgrade Your Performance and Productivity (+ Sleep Hacks That Work When You Need To Go The Extra Mile)

 Functional Health Check

  • A once yearly check on the factors that really affect your short term performance and long term health
  • Employing tests, techniques and interpretation not available through regular health check packages
  • Customised to the specific needs of business or senior leadership team
  • Available components include blood testing and key health biomarkers, blood pressure, postural assessment, fitness assessment, body composition, immune function, and stress hormone analysis
  • Full written report and detailed guidance on addressing issues and achieving optimal health, including nutrition and exercise recommendations


Structural DNA Redesign

  • A bespoke, customised model of corporate wellness, inspiring a deep cultural shift in attitudes and behaviours at every level of the business
  • For businesses that recognise the value of the key role they are able play as a positive, day to day, and long term structural agent of change in the lives and effectiveness of their employees, and want to invest in creating a long term strategy and environment through which their workforce can thrive and achieve excellence
  • Ongoing, dedicated workspace and workforce management, introducing practical strategies and logistical changes that deliver short and long time frame benefits in terms of effectiveness and productivity


How can we help you? For more information on any of our services, or to book a free consultation to explore how we can help make your business more effective, simply click the button below.

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