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Optimised’s state-of-the-art, private Manchester personal training gym and health clinic offers our clients a multi-functional, unparalleled environment in which to achieve exceptional results.

Our bespoke, 3500 sq ft, private personal training gym and health clinic as located in the heart of Manchester city centre, only a stone’s throw away from Deansgate, House of Fraser and Spinningfields.

By designing our own gym (which is solely for the purpose of personal training) and clinic, our team of expert trainers, therapists and nutritionists are able to deliver their cutting edge personal training and health improvement programmes according to the unique requirements of our clients.

The Personal Training Gym

In our private gym, clients are able to experience the very best in Manchester personal training

Our gym is designed to inspire sensational results: the very best equipment and knowledge, an uncrowded, focused environment, and an abundance of space within which to make exercise constantly varied and challenging.

Quite simply, many of the advanced training programmes which we deliver daily within our bespoke facility would simply never be possible in crowded commercial gyms or small personal training studios.

Our attention to the overall client experience extends to the provision of a health clinic where our Functional Medicine and physical therapy services are hosted, and luxury changing rooms.

Here’s a brief rundown of the vast array of equipment you have at your disposal within our personal training gym:

The Clinic

Our seven bespoke clinic rooms host our clinic team.

All of our clinic practitioners are dedicated to providing outstanding service and results.

With our diverse and experienced team, we’re committed to helping you at every stage of your journey to achieve optimal health and happiness.

You can see all of our clinic services and find out more here.

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How can I help you?

How can I help you?

How can I help you?

How can I help you?