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Rapid Body Transformations: Desirable or Dangerous?

Should you do a rapid body transformation? The personal training industry these days is full of short term transformations.  Sensational ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures are everywhere, and there seems to be a constant race to deliver better results in less time.  But not everyone agrees that these rapid body ‘transformations’ are a positive thing.  And …

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Optimised for Professionals

Personal training for Manchester city centre professionals If you’re a time limited Manchester city centre professional or business person who needs to balance the demands of your career with looking, feeling and performing to your maximum potential, you’re in the right place. Unless you make a conscious decision to prioritise critical factors such as nutrition, …

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+ Optimised Health

Personal training for health in Manchester Creating optimal, outstanding health is the foundation for all of our results – after all, what’s the point in having a great body (or a body at all) if you feel horrible and lack the energy to make use of it? When we create outstanding health through our personal …

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Personal training for muscle building Manchester

Extraordinary Gains in Lean Muscle and Strength – Naturally ***Please note: Optimised Personal Wellness do not support the use of non-medical steroid/hormone use.*** Our results are inspired by hard work, intelligent nutrition, and an optimised lifestyle that garner long term, sustainable results. While the personal training and fitness industries are ever more fuelled by images …

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♂ Optimised Men

For Men Who Want Serious Results, Fast… If you want to get lean, have great energy levels and feel better than you have in years, whatever your age and training history, our team is here to inspire you to success. Our expertise and years of experience in achieving these results, along with our no-stone-left-unturned approach, means …

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