Having It All: Achieving Work-Life Balance

So you’re a hard-working professional looking to make progress in your career...

To get there, sacrifice is going to be required – but how much, and how can you make it to the top with mind, body, and soul intact?

As a busy Manchester city centre personal training gym and clinic, we help time limited professionals to look, feel and perform better on a daily basis (and with a brother who is a Partner at a major international law firm, I’ve seen the challenges in making it at the highest level up close!).

Here’s what we’ve learned about work-life balance, productivity, looking great and feeling awesome.

Investing in yourself – the time / productivity paradox and breaking the cycle

Everyone these days is time limited and stressed. 

Unless you make a conscious choice to prioritise things like nutrition, sleep, and fitness, you’ll end up stuck behind your desk fat, lethargic, and unhappy.

Something we see often in our clinic and personal training gym are city centre professionals who are desperate to do 

something good for themselves but who can’t find the time to get it done because there’s an email that just has to be answered or a deadline to be hit.

And when that’s been done, it’s either playtime, usually involving obviously nefarious activities such as drinking, or family time. Life is busy.

That’s not going to change, but it can be managed and the irony is that by taking time out to commit to self-care, you’ll get more done in less time to higher quality, and feel better doing it.

You just need to change the way you think and be organised effectively.

Here’s how.

1/ Organisation is key

Do your food shopping at the weekend and batch cook so you’re ahead of the game in the week. 

Make sure you cook enough meals for 1-2 days at a time, then you can pair it with salad or cooked veggies as you like. 

Don’t forget herbs and spices – think about world cuisine to keep it interesting.

2/ Get it done early

When you’re exercising, get it done early before your day has the chance to go sideways. 

Something will always come up if you leave it until later in the day. 

Pack your batch cooked breakfast and lunch up the night before, then you can eat both at your desk if you have to.

3/ Get hydrated

Every cell in your body needs water, and getting enough will help you to look, feel and perform better. 

How much? 

Take your body weight in kg, x by 0.033 = the amount you need in litres per day. 


Drink a pint (half a litre) of water as soon as you get up, then keep glass bottles at your desk and measure out the rest. 

When it’s gone, you’ve hit you goal.

4/ Sleep deep, sleep long

Many of our clients either have sleep problems, or see sleep as a commodity which can be traded for more work or more fun.

 You only need to hang out in Mojo (a local Manchester bar) on a Thursday night to know about the fun part). 

Get to sleep by 10:30pm and get 8+ hours.

5/ Get your brain on nature

Use your weekend to get out in nature for a while, so you can process some thoughts and move your body. 

Walking is fantastic for body, mind and soul, and especially in Manchester we’re blessed in being surrounded by easily accessible countryside.

6/ Cut the clutter

Life gets cluttered with all sorts of things.

To focus on the big, important things, you have to decide what’s meaningful to you and prioritise it effectively, getting rid of the junk in your life that gets in the way. 

The hours you spend on social media or fiddling with your gadgets might be a good example.

7/ Four books to read

Here are four great books to read of you want to have both personal, and professional success:

The wrap

Committing to change can be tough. 

And it can be a long process rather than an overnight one. 

But it’s well worth it if you want to progress your career as well as feel happy and look great.

To your future success,

Matt & the personal training team

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