Matt & Dee’s vision for creating a state of ultimate human performance…

Matt & Dee Brereton-Patel formed their vision for maximising natural human potential while working as highly paid professional consultants within pharmaceutical research and development.

Developing best-in-class medications to help those with chronic health conditions such as prostate cancer, breast cancer and small cell lung cancer was interesting and rewarding. But in the end reaching people with what we’d call ‘late stage’ conditions – where medication is targeted at managing a decline in health and prolonging life rather than remediating the root cause of the condition – didn’t seem like the best approach to optimise people’s lives.

So we decided to take a leap into the unknown and dedicate our lives reaching people earlier and in more meaningful ways; before they got to the stage of needing medication. We wanted to get out from behind our desks and work with people personally, on the front line where it matters most.

10 years, two children (Anaya and Tia), and a 3500 sq. ft. integrated movement, nutrition and lifestyle medicine facility in the heart of Manchester city centre later, we’ve been truly blessed in working with inspiring clients, and groundbreaking, professional team or personal trainers, doctors and therapists.

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