Rapid body transformation done the right way…

Catalyst 8 is the best choice if you want to re-boot your life, and achieve maximum fat loss results within a specified 8 week timeframe.

You’ll be prepared to undertake a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 personal training sessions per week, and are prepared to do whatever it takes – no excuses.

Catalyst 8 is the ideal solution if you want an immersive, short term, disciplined, high intensity environment. 

An environment within which to maximise your unique potential, regain control of your life, learn sustainable lifestyle habits, and transform your body.

We transform bodies and change lives

Your personal training experience with Optimised will get you into the shape of your life

Catalyst 8 is designed to evolve seamlessly into our Lifestyle Lean,  Perform or Optimised Online Body coaching services after your 8 weeks have been completed. This way you have a defined path to maximum short term results, and also to optimal long term sustainability and performance.

While we’ll expertly tailor your programme according to your unique starting point and

and capability, Catalyst is not for everyone. This personal training programme will, however, deliver maximum results within a specific timeframe without resorting to unethical and potentially disastrous practices (for more on this, read our ‘Rapid Body Transformations – Desirable or Dangerous’ article).

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What you can expect from Optimised Personal Training

We’ll help you to look and feel better than you have in years, and we’ll empower you to stay that way


Get lean, look great, boost your energy
We’re here to deliver results, pure and simple. After training with us, you’ll look, feel and perform better than ever.


No extreme diets or insane workouts
You’ll get out what you put in, but there’s no need to go extreme in order to achieve sensational results.


Your unique plan on all your devices
Your unique plan is based on our in-depth, 360 degree screening process, and is available on all your devices, wherever you are.


Life changing results that last
Amazing results are based on exercise, nutrition, lifestyle, and habit change. This way you take control and keep your results forever.


Science based, holistic & research driven
Our approach is based on science, not science fiction. We stay ahead of the curve & review the latest research so we provide the best advice.


Our expert team is fully qualified
The passionate and dedicated Optimised team is hand picked for their knowledge, expertise, and proven track record.


Our World class gym is inspiring & friendly
Our gym is unique – the very best equipment to deliver the results you want, while keeping things varied and interesting.


Get the support you need outside of sessions
Get high quality, on time support, and get better results, faster than ever. Your trainer will be on hand whenever you need help.

Who is Catalyst 8 for?

Your Catalyst 8 training experience will kick-start your body and re-boot your life

Can we help you reclaim your body?    Book your free 30 minute consultation now

What do we expect from you?

Catalyst 8 is our most demanding personal training programme – you have to be up to the task

As this is our specialist immersive 8 week body transformation package, you’ll be handing your life over to Optimised.

Here’s what it’ll look like:

  • Do what we ask of you from day 1 until day 56 – no excuses, no negotiation – we dictate the pace, and you’ll need to be ready to change your life, often radically, from day 1
  • Factors we’ll address will include; training, nutrition, sleep, supplementation and nutrient optimisation, digestive system health, hormonal health, inflammation, glucose regulation, and more
  • The entire team at Optimised will be behind you in motivating and inspiring you to achieve your goals. We care passionately about our clients and their results, and you’ll be no different

What’s different about Catalyst 8 transformations?

Not all ‘body transformation’ programmes are created equal. Catalyst 8 is different for a reason

Catalyst 8 goes far beyond what ‘regular’ transformation programmes have to offer.

Unlike other 6, 8 or 12 week ‘transformation’ programmes, our approach is comprehensive, holistic, science based and research driven, and 100% natural (no steroids, ever).

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Catalyst is about provoking maximum change throughout your life and your body within a short period of time in order to achieve maximum results. In the process you’ll reset your body, your mind, and your life.

As the name suggests though, the experience we’ve painstakingly put together and the results it achieves are designed as a Catalyst for further change. It isn’t a short term, unsustainable end point in itself.

Most people who follow our Catalyst 8 protocol transition to Lifestyle LeanPerform or Optimised Online Body coaching after the 8 weeks.

This way you get to keep your results and gain a lifestyle driven, sustainable approach to your body, your health, and your personal performance.

More about Optimised Personal Training

Our inspiring, world class coaching and support will guide your journey. The x factor is what you do with it…

How much does it cost?

Fees vary depending on the personal trainer you work with and how many times per week you choose to train with us. We’ll be very happy to provide you with our fee list – just contact us using the form below, or book in for a free 30 minute consultation.

Our Catalyst 8 week personal training programme isn’t the right starting point for many people. If it’s not the right starting point for you, you’ll probably find our Lifestyle Lean option is.

If it does sound like the best choice for you, book your free 30 minute consultation now:

Can we help you reclaim your body?    Book your free 30 minute consultation now

To your future success,

Matt & the personal training team

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How can I help you?

How can I help you?

How can I help you?

How can I help you?

How can I help you?