5 Top Tips for New Year’s Fitness Goals

Avoid Those New Year's Pitfalls and Supercharge Your 2022 Progress

Most people will have heard or even used the phrase ‘I’ll start in the New Year’, and when it comes to fitness this is so common.

However, so often is the case whereby people will begin their fitness journey in January full of motivation and excitement, then a few months down the line fall back into their old habits and routines, and their fitness journey comes to a stop (again!)

With the new year just around the corner, this blog will give you the best tips to help you achieve your fitness goals.

1/ Create a Structure


Whether you are just starting out on your fitness journey, or have been training for a while, having a structured plan that slightly pushes you more week by week will help you to progress and reach your goals. 

In terms of training, knowing how many days you can train per week and setting specific days for sessions will ensure you go into the gym with a plan, knowing 

what you need to do as oppose to blindly choosing random exercises.

This should help to maintain focus, and can provide a platform for progression.

Tracking what you have performed each session can also help with this as it allows you to analyse your progression over time, which will lead to better results.

Having a plan is the first step to achieving success!

2/ Focus on Nutrition

When trying to achieve aesthetic or fitness goals, nutrition can often go under the radar.

This should never be the case as nutrition is just as, if not more important than training.

Nutrition not only provides the energy for many bodily functions but also the fuel for training as well as being key for recovery.

Manipulating your nutrition to work around your goals is massive when it comes to making a transformation.

For example, if your goal is fat loss, creating a calorie deficit through solid nutrition, alongside training consistently will bring the best results.

On the other hand, if looking to build muscle, creating a calorie surplus through good quality calorie dense foods such as lean meats, nuts and fish will help significantly.

Regardless of your goal, there are some things that remain in the same in terms of nutrition:

Protein is the main macronutrient for recovery from exercise and building muscle tissue.

Protein helps you to build your physique, but this should not be limited to post workout and main meals.

Consuming Protein regularly throughout the day will lead to better results.

Each of the macronutrients have a purpose and can be beneficial for our health.

Many people look to avoid certain food groups such as fats and carbohydrates but the truth is both play an important role in our bodies and should be consumed in moderation.

From a young age you will have been told to ‘Eat Your Vegetables’ but this saying remains true.

Vegetables are full of vitamins and minerals which boost health.

Not only that, but they are generally low in calories but also can help you to feel fuller for longer which can reduce cravings later on.

3/ Make Small, Sustainable Lifestyle Changes

One major way of making your exercise and health sustainable and achieve long term success is to make it part of your lifestyle.

You may have fallen off your fitness routine over the festive months or may be completely newbie.

Either way making small changes that you can apply regularly to part of your life is what will bring you success.

Going from 0 to 100 and trying to train 5 times a week, meal prep, count calories and ensure you’re getting sufficient sleep can all be daunting if you’re not used to this way of living, which can make the process unsustainable.

Instead, focus on the long term and start off by making small changes such as training a few times a week and eating healthier.

Once this becomes a regular thing, you can progress to the other aspects and become the best version of you.

The key is to just start!

4/ Consistency is key

When it comes to making a change, remaining consistent is vital.

With fitness, or making a transformation change whether that be fat loss or muscle gain, the process takes time, and this is where most people fall short.

Regardless of whether you’re new to the gym or been training for a while, you will realise that motivation comes and goes, whether it’s losing that initial excitement and desire of starting your fitness journey or hitting a plateau after a long time of training, very few people remain motivated all of the time.

This is where consistency comes in, finding the discipline to continue your routine even on the days when you don’t feel like training or eating well is so important to achieve your goals.

Many people have New Year resolutions to either begin their journey into fitness or get back on track after a period of time out, but then lose sight of their goals a few weeks / months in find themselves back where they started.

Realising that changes take time (it may even be around 4-6 weeks before you notice any slight change) and continuing to show up and make progress will eventually pay dividends and you will be much closer to achieving your goals.

Once you start to see progress you will realise it was all worth it!

5/ Sleep

Similarly to nutrition, the effect of sleep can also be underestimated in helping to achieve your fitness goals.

Sleep is the body’s way of recharging, providing energy and helping the mind and body to recover.

Lack of sleep can hinder your progress leaving you feeling tired, less motivated and less likely to want to train/ eat healthily which in turn makes you more likely to resort to fast food and binge eating.

Getting a good night’s sleep (7-9 hours is recommended) will be sure to help you recovery, stay fresh and keep you on top of your game.

The New Year can represent a huge platform for you to really kickstart your fitness journey and make significant progress, however only if this is something that you stick to.

The best way of making sure this remains part of your routine long after the New Year buzz wears off is to make it become a lifestyle.

Following the tips in this blog should ensure that you approach the New Year with the basic knowledge to make your fitness goals more than simply a ‘New Year Resolution’ and actually the start of a new you!

To your future success,

Josh & the personal training team

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