Take control and completely overhaul the way you feel in just 12 weeks with our expert health coaching

Imagine if you could have an expert, qualified personal health coach who understood the root cause of your health, energy, and body composition issues.

Someone you could see for an hour each week for 12 weeks, time set aside just for you. Your own personal expert who could guide you through your own unique circumstances and provide science based and research driven solutions that create a feeling of vibrant, unbounded health, and a deep understanding of your own body.

Someone who not only provides these solutions, but who will empower you to take control of your health and body composition forever through sustainable nutrition and lifestyle solutions.

By investing only 12 hours of your time with us over the course of 12 weeks, you can say goodbye to years of frustration and confusion about what really works, and choose a path expertly designed just for you, that addresses your unique issues, your unique circumstances, and unlocks your unique potential as a human being.

We've achieved life changing results for others, and we want to do the same for you.

Whether your goal is fat loss, stress management, improving energy levels or getting to the bottom of a chronic condition such as IBS, over 12 weeks you will learn what factors are driving how you look and feel and what you can do to resolve them:

  • Using a scientific, evidence based approach you will discover how to achieve real, sustainable results
  • Learn about your unique biochemistry and how that translates into how you look, feel and perform
  • Explore just how powerful the nutrients in your food can be in helping correct biochemical imbalances
  • Observe how your body reacts to the changes we'll implement and track your progress
  •  Receive your own personal health plan, detailing every aspect of your program, including detailed nutrition and lifestyle plans

In addition, our advanced biochemical testing services can take the guesswork out of understanding your issues, helping us to quickly and accurately identify imbalances that lie behind your symptoms, whether they are health, energy, mood, fertility or body composition related.

Pinpointing imbalances allows for a targeted, specific, protocol to be applied, meaning quicker and more effective results for you.

Fat loss specific coaching

Over the years I’ve seen many clients who have been on various weight loss diets, and due to the frustration of putting the weight back on after the diet has ended, and despite their best efforts at ‘healthy’ eating and lifestyle choices, they have had to resort to one of the popular calorie restrictive diets again.

But once the diet has ended, the story is the same.

Luckily, they’ve realised that yo-yo dieting isn’t a sustainable approach to weight loss, or health, and it’s time to dig deeper, discovering the real reasons for their weight gain, and learn what their body needs for them to achieve, and most importantly maintain, their ideal weight.

While this is the exact opposite of 'quick fix' dieting, and is likely to take some patience, unlocking the secret behind your personal fat loss code is well worth it.

Individualised protocols are not about ‘dieting’ for a short period of time, instead we focus on sustainable eating habits and life long changes.

And as my clients repeatedly tell me, the Optimised way doesn’t ‘feel’ like a diet - it doesn't involve going hungry or constantly thinking about calories, but it does involve enjoying wholesome, delicious, good quality food.

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To your healthy, optimised future,

Dee & the Optimised clinic team