10 Ways To Get The Body You Want Smarter and Faster

By Matt Brereton-Patel January 3, 2014 January 23rd, 2019 Movement & Fitness

With a few small tweaks, you can make your workout smarter, more interesting, more effective, and get the body you want faster

1. Plan: If you go into the gym without a specific plan that is in line with your goals, you’re more likely to wander around aimlessly and either pick the path of least resistance to get to finishing time, or choose whatever equipment is available. This isn’t going to get you where you want to go.

2. Focus: It shouldn’t need saying, but since you see so many people standing around trying to look good instead of doing something to make themselves look good (and feel good), we’ll say it. Get in, get out, work out hard and with intensity, make your time in the gym count.

3. Duration & frequency: Some people don’t train enough, others over train. If your energy levels are good, shoot for 4 workouts per week, 45 mins each time excluding pre-hab/warm up. If your energy levels are not good, check your diet and test your adrenal hormones.

4. Resistance & conditioning: Quite simply, get more bang for your time and effort buck by doing exercise that gets the fastest results. Move weights around, and for conditioning work, push and pull heavy objects, or do circuit based exercise.

5. Periodisation: Something gym goers hardly ever do is change their workout as soon as their body adapts to a particular stimulus. Adaptation means your body expends less energy doing the same thing. Change your workout every 6-8 training sessions.

There are a number of variables you can, and should, be manipulating in order to get faster and smarter results:

6. Sets: The number of sets you perform of a particular exercise has a big influence on the end result.

7. Reps: Manipulating how many times you move a weight within a set is fundamental when designing a body or achieving a goal, and is highly specific.

8. Load: The amount of weight you move within your sets and reps is key to building the body you want smarter and faster – heavier is not always better, remember you need to deload periodically.

9. Tempo: Something hardly anyone working out in gyms do is pay attention to tempo. How fast you move a weight determines time under tension, which is again another key determinant in achieving fast, spectacular results.

10. Rest: If you’re not timing your rest, and manipulating your rest periods for better and faster results, you’re missing a trick. Have a watch, time your rest. You want an optimal time for your muscles to recover depending on your workout and your goals.

Designing a smart and effective path to the body (and health) you want may seem complex and daunting, but a little research and planning is worth the effort.

To your lean, healthy, optimised future,