We’re different because you’re unique.

We help people just like you to look, feel, and perform better through nutrition, movement and lifestyle medicine.

We bring personal training, Nutritional Therapy, and physical therapy together under one roof at our boutique 3000 square foot facility in the heart of Manchester city centre so that we can help you as a unique individual with unique circumstances and challenges.

DeeWhile our services are distinct from each other and can be engaged with individually, we're also set up to work together in a more integrated manner as required. For instance, our personal trainers work with our Nutritional Therapists, our Nutritional Therapists work with our physical therapy team, and our physical therapists work with our personal training team.

This means that we are able to treat you as an individual, with unique health challenges, unique biochemistry, postural issues, and needs. Our integrated team of professionals is on hand at all times to help you to be successful in overcoming sometimes complex chronic health conditions, muscular and joint issues, as well as meeting body composition and fitness goals.

Whichever of our personal trainers or practitioners you work with, we're here to deliver realistic short term results and long term sustainability, rather than short term quick fixes that don't last.

If you're ready to become a more optimised version of your current self, you're in the right place.

To your lean, healthy, optimised future,

Dee & Matt