We’re different because you’re unique.

Optimised Personal Wellness are a passionate, dedicated, friendly and focused team of professionals that care deeply about our clients success and results. We are driven to be better, to study and research, to drive ourselves forward as a team, by you.

Ultimately, it is you, your uniqueness, your specific challenges, goals, dreams, and desire to change your life for the better that inspire us to raise the bar and deliver services that are exceptional.

Clinic Team

Dee Brereton-Patel
Nutritional Therapist

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Dee is a vastly experienced, results driven therapist and functional medicine practitioner. She holds a degree in pharmacology, is a lecturer and clinical supervisor for students of Nutritional Therapy, and is the Clinic Director at Optimised Personal Wellness.

Dee is passionate about helping a wide range of clients to reach optimal health through personally designed, natural, science based nutrition and lifestyle solutions. Driven by ongoing research into the root causes sub-optimal health, she has helped hundreds of chronically ill people to feel and perform better through her approach to personalised medicine.

Dr Indra Barathan
Functional Medicine Doctor

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Dr Indra is an experienced private functional medicine GP who offers an in depth ‘root cause medicine’ approach to a wide range of diagnosed or undiagnosed chronic health issues.

Dr Indra’s integrative functional medicine practice addresses the whole person and their lifestyle, not just an isolated set of symptoms.

While working holistically, as a qualified GP and functional medicine practitioner Dr Indra understands that a combination of both conventional and functional approaches may be most effective for many patients who are on medication.

Dan Little
Life Coach
& Pyschotherapist

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Dan offers a warm, friendly, professional approach that can help you to make sense of whatever aspect of your life you’re struggling with, changing your life for the better.

From optimising professional performance or exploring an underlying feeling ‘that something just doesn’t seem right’, through to specific issues such as stress, anxiety, depression, anger and dealing with relationships, Dan is here to help you to move forward in a welcoming and supportive environment.

To find out more about Dan and how he can help you, please click the button to the left.

James Henson
Soft Tissue Therapist & Injury Rehabilitation Specialist

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James is an extremely talented therapist and teacher, working out of our dedicated physical therapy room.

Highly skilled, passionate, and with an established reputation for achieving results when it matters, James is on hand if you want to optimise sports performance, correct muscular and postural imbalances, become pain free, or relieve stress.

James works with a wide variety of clients, ranging from athletes and weekend warriors, to entrepreneurs, executives and business professionals - you don't need to be training with Optimised to book an appointment.

Personal Training Team

Matt Brereton-Patel
Personal Trainer

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Matt leads the personal training team and is passionate about helping people succeed in achieving a better body and outstanding health. In founding Optimised, he set out to create an exclusive, in-depth, no-nonsense personal training experience that changes lives.

With a decade of experience achieving success with hundreds of clients, Matt came to personal training from a professional career in pharmaceutical research and development, experiencing first hand the challenges of spending long, stressed hours behind a desk, along with what can happen to your body, health, mood, and energy levels.

Danny Richardson 
Personal Trainer

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Danny has an infectious personality, fantastic technical ability, and achieves outstanding results. Through tailored nutrition protocols, body composition testing and advanced training techniques, Danny specialises in body transformation, body fat reduction, strength, and mass gain.

The knowledge and dedication Danny instills in himself transfers 100% into his role as a fitness professional, ensuring that you fulfil your potential and achieve your goals. Danny is a competitive natural bodybuilding champion, now as a powerlifter he is the world number 2 in the deadlift, and holds the Welsh record in the squat.

Tommi Baker
Personal Trainer

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The focus and discipline Tommi has developed as a competitive athlete is evident in every single session he delivers - meticulous in preparation, passionate and precise in execution, and, as you would expect, nothing but results.

Tommi is a Team GB age group triathlete and duathlete, a 2:45 marathon runner, and natural movement specialist. For Tommi optimised health is a product of an optimised lifestyle - there are no quick fixes, gimmicks, fad diets, or shortcuts. When you combine great nutrition with freedom and elegance of movement, then your ideal physique and a deeply fulfilling and maximised life will follow.

Dom Kinsey
Personal Trainer

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Dom is a friendly, highly qualified strength and conditioning coach and educator. Experienced, respected, unbelievably knowledgeable, and with a proven track record as well as a degree in Sports Science, Dom achieves exceptional results time after time.

Dom is a former MMA competitor and 2nd degree black belt, with interests in nutrition, natural movement and strength. He's also a Strongman competitor, and has coached athletes to national and international titles in powerlifting, Brazilian Ju-Jitsu and bodybuilding - a diverse set of results requiring a true expert in programming, technique and nutrition to deliver.