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Welcome to Optimised Personal Wellness

We help people to look, feel, and perform better through nutrition, movement and lifestyle medicine.

We believe that as a unique individual with unique genetics and a unique set of life circumstances, you need a unique solution that provides a joined up response to the challenges you face and that helps you reach your goals in a realistic, sustainable way.

The team at Optimised Personal Wellness represents a different approach to health and personal training in Manchester; our passion for helping people, attention to detail, commitment to excellence, and above all, a desire for results, leads us to study everything from training techniques and postural health, to digestive system health, nutrition and the processes of chronic disease.

While of course we focus on achieving an immediate impact - resolving health issues and becoming leaner and stronger as quickly as possible – we also coach our clients for long term, sustainable results. Hence why you won’t find 12 week transformation packages or other short term fixes that don't last on this website or at our facility.

Our clients trust us with their bodies, health, and results because we leave no stone unturned in our quest for life changing results. If you’re looking for a Personal Trainer in Manchester, or a Nutritionist in Manchester, your own life changing journey may just have started.

Work With Us

Personal Training

Our personal training team help you to look, feel, and perform better, helping you to become healthier, leaner, and stronger. If you want to see and feel an immediate difference with results you can keep long term, personal training at Optimised is for you.

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Nutritional Therapy

Nutritional Therapy is a science based approach that gets to the root cause of sub-optimal health and chronic health conditions so that you feel better faster. If you have a chronic health problem, or feel as though you could feel better, Nutritional Therapy is for you.

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Physical Therapy

If you're stuck behind a desk all day, are suffering from an ache or pain, or want to improve your athletic performance, our soft tissue release therapy is the perfect solution to help optimise your physical wellbeing so that you can move with freedom and strength.

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Just Results

You are at the heart of everything we do.

Just as you're hoping to achieve optimal health and an optimal body, we're here to deliver immediate, sustainable results, returning the investment you make many times over. We understand that the easiest epithet to obtain is that given to oneself. The words of our clients will offer the most immediate and meaningful sense of the results that, together as a team, we can achieve.

Since I started training about 9 weeks ago, I have seen my weight drop by over 2 stone, put on over half a stone in muscle, my strength and fitness soar and my diet improve beyond belief. However, one thing that can’t be measured is the increase in wellbeing and quality of life that I now have.

- Danny Wheal

Other than losing half a stone, toning up, and getting physically fitter and stronger I’m really enjoying training again!! I’ve been spoilt by the support I’ve received from Matt, Dee and Danny for which I’m eternally grateful. I’d like to recommend that anyone who’s hit a brick wall, lost the love for training, or just wants to be better educated about what’s possible, give these guys ago, you won’t be disappointed!!

- SJ

Training with Optimised you don’t just get your training session, you get an education in what works for you specifically and why. I now know how to eat and what works for me, the importance of nutrition, sleep and drinking enough water, and also how to exercise properly for my goals. I honestly didn’t expect the results I got in the space of time I had available, but the guys at Optimised take the guesswork out from day 1 so you hit the ground running.

- Mike

Optimised's Nutritional Therapist Dee put together a nutritional plan for me that was brilliant and made my joint pain go right down. My personal trainer also set me to work in the gym with a specific workout. I managed to lose the weight and tone up which was exactly what I wanted. I also had so much more energy and looked so much better – I honestly felt the best I had felt in years!

- Sarah Morris

Six months down the line, not only am I looking better but I’ve learned a lot – the training sessions with Matt have been a real education. He has a wealth of knowledge which is great as I like to know the rationale behind what I’m doing. When I saw my best friend for the first time in a few months, I looked so different he hardly recognised me!

- Richard Wyers

After 4 weeks I had lost a stone in fat, lost 4 ½ inches off my waist, 2 ½ off my hips and 2 off my thigh! I was more toned than I had ever been in my life, everyone commented on how good I looked. I also felt good inside and out...

- Gemma Sweeney

Working with Matt has had an overwhelmingly positive effect on my health, weight, fitness and self-esteem. His three sixty degree approach, personally tailored to me, has boosted my energy levels, eliminated a whole host of digestive and mobility issues I’ve struggled with for years and generally left me feeling great.

- Nicky Moore

I feel like a new woman, I’m 23 pounds lighter, in much better shape and down to my changes in diet and exercise I have never had so much energy. If I can do it, then anyone can!!!

- Nadine Dewhurst
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